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Worship the God of marriage in Moon Festival

Worship the God of marriage in Moon Festival


The matchmaker (Yue Sia Lao Ren) was a god who handling the marriage fate of man’s world. The first time that the name of Yue Sia Lao Ren appeared was in Tan dynasty. There was one man called Wei-Gu. One day he walked in the south station with his servant. He noticed an old man. Though the old man was very old, yet he has astonishing eyesight. He turned over a book under the moon light. Wei-Gu was curious the book. So he asked the question of what the book was. The old man answered: the book in my hand records all the marriages in the world. Later, Wei-Gu and the old man walked to the market together and saw a woman held a girl with 3 years old. The old man pointed to that girl and said to Wei-Gu that the girl will be your wife in the future. Wei-Gu thought the old man talked nonsense and he was very angry. So he secretly ordered his servant to kill the girl. The servant rushed to the crowd and pierced to the glabella. And then he disappeared in the crowd. The old man said the girl was given by the god and Wei-Gu had no power to change it. Wei-Gu did not listen such words and went off in a huff.

After fourteen years, Wei-Gu married with the daughter of Xiang-Chou Tzu Shih. She was very beautiful like a fairy. Wei-Gu liked her very much. But one thing was strange. There was a flower coin pasted in her galbella. Wei-Gu felt strange. So he asked her the question. She gave him the answer that there was a scar in galbella. That was caused by someone that she did not know. And at that time, she was just three years old. So, to cover the scar, she used follow coin. After hearing about such words, Wei-Gu suddenly realized what has happened. And then the fame of Yue Sia Lao Ren was spread from that time.

Each year, the Moon festival is the birthday of Yue Sia Lao Ren. In this day, many people man and woman will go to the temple to ask Yue Sia Lao Ren giving good marriage to them. Some believers will carry cookies and candies to the temple for appreciating the help of the god.

The sacrifice for worshiping Yue Sia Lao Ren:

If you want to pray for marriage, please prepare one “siang”, a pair of red candles, a pair of lily, a dish of fruits. Put these things into two round boxes, one is big and the other is small. The lily means harmony and the round boxes also mean harmony.

If you want to appreciate the god, please prepare one “siang”, a pair of red candles, a pair of lily, fruits with five types, a box of engagement cake.

  If you want to express birthday good wishes to the god, please prepare one “siang”, a pair of red candles, a pair of lily, birthday noodles, birthday peach, fruits and red eggs.

The way to worship Yue Sia Lao Ren

The words used in praying

To ask Yue Sia Lao Ren helps you to find right person, you have to kneel in the front of Yue Sia Lao Ren. Read your name, address, birthday (lunar calendar) silently and pray to the god finding the one with the condition that you described. Through the process of oracle, ask Yue Sia Lao Ren gives you the red line of marriage. If Yue Sia Lao Ren agrees, you can take one of the red lines and thank to the god, then return home. Wear the red line on you at any time, or you can put it on the purse or under the pillow.

Choose a good date

Choose a good date or time in the Date Selection, And the effect might be good.

Wear the clothes to beg marriage.

In the Love room of Ba Zi Hall, find the suitable clothes of good luck. Wear it according to the method listed in that room and beg to the Yue Sia Lao Ren. You will have good effect.

Wear good decoration to beg marriage.

In the Love room of Ba Zi Hall, find the suitable decoration of good luck and wear it. It will bring you amazing effect.

Where are the ten best marriage temples?

Do not hesitate. Visit the temples that we find for you. Many people that have been there have magic effect.

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