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Worship the dragon to become rich

Worship the dragon to become rich


In February 2th of lunar calendar, it is said that this day is the date for the dragon wakening. Some people called this day as “Spring Dragon Festival”. They said that the dragon slept for the whole winter and it would awaken beginning from the date of Waking of Insects. It will roar and shake its tail, so that a thunder will be heard by people in the earth.


No one see the appearance of dragon. According to the research of archeology scholars, there is no animal like dragon existed in the world. But, in the folk myth and legends, dragon is illustrated as a magic animal. It has snake body, deer horns, eagle claw, horse face and golden scales. The two beards fly in the air as floating belts. The figure of dragon appeared in the end of the primitive society. Each clan has its totem to use one kind of animal appearance such as ox, horse, tiger, deer, or snake as the mark of the clan. Because each clan annexed another one and changed the logo again and again, therefore the figure of dragon with strange shapes was created.


The shape of dragon was developed for thousand of years. Yet the dragon in the legend usually can be divided into two types, one is flying in the air and the other is occupying in the ground. The dragon occupying in the world means “Yu”. He dredged the river and enjoyed popular support. People thought he was the descendant of dragon. And from that time, all the emperors for the past dynasties praised themselves as the dragon or son of the god and so on. Dragon became the symbol of emperor. Till Chin dynasty, dragon became the highest authority. Each province has different customs. People lived in Shan-Xi use dust or sugar drew the shape of dragon on the ground and named it “dragon to bring money” or “dragon surrounded” from the well to the door of the house. And then they draw the dragon from the door of the house to the jog. Which means bringing the dragon inside the house can make people earn lots of money. February 2th of lunar calendar is just the beginning of spring. All the bugs try to move and do damage to people and animals. So, some places at this day will use sugar stir-fry the soy beans, called “scorpion claw”. Some places will eat some kind of cookie named “dragon scales cookies”. And some people will make noodles named “dragon beard noodles”. Many sayings and customs always have the meaning of superstition inside and lack the science evidence. With the popular culture and science, people gradually forget such customs. Yet the health activities in the festival spread till now without failure.

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