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Da-Ji and meatball

In the still of the night, B-Yi played the koto to abolish tedium in his room because he could not rescue his father –Wen-Wang. The sound was like a murmuring stream and the tune was plaintive like the crying of cuckoo and drifts every corner of the palace.


Da-Ji, slept in deep palace, was awakened by the sound of the koto. She listened and was lost in abstraction. Finally, she could not bear the temptation of the sound. So she put on a thin silk fabric partly hidden and partly visible and came to the front door of Bo-Yi’s room.


She looked from the crack between a door and its frame stealthily. And extremely, a cultured egghead was sitting there and played the koto with all attention. Though Da-Ji held an important mission from Jiu-Tian-Suan-Nv, yet she originally was a seductive woman. The native lasciviousness made her not control her desire. At last, she could not help to enter into the room of Bo-Yi.


Bo-Yi deserved to be called the descendant of a notable family. Not only he did not show interest in Da-Ji, but also he denounced her as a shameless person.


The disturbance in the midnight startled the guards in palace. They ignored the real reason and arrested Bo-Yi. The tyrant Chou-Wang heard of such disturbance and gave order to investigate the whole event. Yet Da-Ji could not tell others the fact was that she wore thin clothes and went to the house of man just for peeping, and due to the handsome face of the man, she could not help to enter into his house. So, she steeled her heart and shirked the responsibility onto Bo-Yi completely.


Da-Ji fabricated the fact and said she followed up the sound of music. When she ran to outside of the house, she was pulled into the room by Bo-Yi and philandered by him.


Chou-wang was angry with such story. He killed Bo-Yi before the daybreak and he hashed the body of Bo-Yi into meat. He made meatball with the body of Bo-Yi and sent the meatball to Bo-Yi’s father, Wen-Wang.


Wen-Wang had known such matter though he was in jail, for he was the man who could foretell the good or bad in the future. He knew the big event that was going to happen on him in the future.


In the next day, when the meatball sent to the jail, Wen-Wang pretended not knowing anything and eat the meatball with appetite and relish.


Chou-Wang heard that Wen-Wang ate the meatball. He thought and judged that Wne-Wang was not an amazing person like people praised. So he released Wen-Wang.


After released by Chou-Wang, in the way of returning home, Wen-Wang lamented and resented for loosing his son. Besides, he ate his son. So he grieved to the extent of wishing to die.


Before he returned home just for five to six days, he crossed a wide field and found a place with many grasses. For he was a famous person in foretelling, he owned great magic power more or less. He thought he could use his ability to bring back his son to life.


Wen-Wang entered into the grass and opened his mouth. He wanted to spew the meatball. Yet the thing out from his mouth was not meatball but a cute white animal. This tiny animal had snow-white hair with long ears and red round eyes. It happily jumped from here to there. This was the first rabbit spread in China.


That is to say, the first son of Wen-Wang, Bo-Yi was changed into a rabbit. The rabbit kowtowed to Wen-Wang and soon disappeared in the thick growth of grass.

SUPERFATE - Fortune Teller
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