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Mercy Star (Tian Ji)

Jiang-Shang also named Jiang Zi-Ya. He had learned skills from Yuan Shi Tain Zun in Kun-Lun mountain. And he possessed super wisdom.


Before the luck coming, no matter you are hero or adviser, it is all useless. Even Jian-Shang could not be exceptional. Before he was getting old, he lived unhappily and needily. Besides, a fate or luck of one person always was controlled by the wife or husband. Because he married with Ma Chian-Jin, he was frustrated still. Yet, after he divorced with that woman, he started to have good luck. One day, he angled for fish leisurely in the side of lake. He was found by Wen-Wang. Wen-Wang appreciated his talent, so took him to Chou and asked him to be a military counselor. Later, Chiang-Shang did his best to assist Wen-Wang. After Wen-Wang died, he assisted Wu-Wang continuously to consolidate the power of Chou.


Wu-Wang conquered Chou-Wang and settled the basis of Chou Dynasty. Chiang-Shang became the vassal of Chi and died for many years later. After he died, his soul was taken by Venus to the world of stars. He was placed in Mercy Star. So in the divination of Zi-Wei Dou Shu, this start controlled the wisdom. The word “Ji” means cleverness and quick-witted mind.

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