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Flirting Star (Tan Lang)

In the series of Zi-Wei stories, there are many characters becoming the stars in the heaven. Yet, is this section, let’s see the concubine of Chou-Wang, Da-Ji. She originally was a fox under Jiu-Tian-Suan-Nv. After accepted the mission of Jiu-Tian-Suan-Nv, she entered into the body of the daughter of Su-Hu. With the body, Da-Ji was a rare beauty in the eyes of Chou-Wang. So she was called to the palace. From that time, she used her good looks to fawn on Chou-Wang day and night. So that Bo-Yi and the wife of Hwang Fei-Hu were killed for her. At first, Jiu-Tian-Suan-Nv was a peaceful deity. She was just angry with the rude behavior of Chou-Wang. Therefore she asked the fox to make troubles for his court. Yet, Da-Ji did many additional sins through such chance.


After Yin Dynasty collapsed, Da-Ji was punished by Jiang-Shang with extreme penalty. For Da-Ji was a fox spirit and her natural instincts was despicable, basically she was unworthy of being a deity. Yet, the supply of deities in heaven was unable to meet the demand, so Venus had no choice but bestowed her as a deity. But, in order to prevent her doing harms to human beings, Venus placed her in Flirting Star (Tan Lang). Actually, the house in the star was surrounded by many terrible wolves. They bite everyone when they saw one. Therefore the deity lived in this star could not go outside. Venus thought such place was suitable for her to live, so he did such arrangement.


In the world, some women will destroy the fate or interfere with the fate of their husbands. Such women did not admit their weak-minded but just liked to poke one's nose into other people's business.


The wife of Jiang-Shang was such kind of woman. After married with her, Jiang-Shang fell into the abyss of poverty.

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