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Ruinous Star (Po Jun)

Now, let’s talk about the main character – Chou-Wang.


The tyrant was assisted by Wen grand teacher, Bi-Gan and other loyal courtiers at the first time. So, even if he doted on Da-Ji and killed many officials loyal to his sovereign, he still barely enough to hold his dynasty. Yet, after the battle with Chou, the situation was getting worse and worse. Finally, he was defeated in the last battle. The fatuous and self-indulgent ruler could just run to the Chai-Sing Floor and set fire to suicide.

After he died, his soul was taken by Venus and placed in Ruinous Star (Po Jun). And he was bestowed to handle the breakage in everything.

The front stories are the background of the fourteen stars. They are placed in different stars due to their good things and bad behaviors. Each star handles the same job as done during his/her lifetime.

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