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Life Palace

Life palace is in the most important position in the twelve palaces. That is to say, the life palace is to observe the character, appearance, talent of the person.


If the Emperor Star (Zi Wei) star is in this palace, the one must have the calm and unhurried figure. If it is a female, it must be a beauty with noble proclivity and calm character. If it is a male, it must be a man with talent. Due to the great talent, the one can obtain rich life.


If Mercy Star (Tain Ji) is in this palace, the one will be wise and clever. The female has classic beauty and the male has nervousness. The one (male/female) has bad temper and is anxious to finish everything. Yet, for he/she has superior wisdom, he/she can still have great development if he/she can work by using the brain actively.


If Sun (Tai Yang) is in this palace, the one will have majestic-looking figure. The female gives people the impression of surpassing man. Such person can be successful in official career and has smooth future.


If Finance Star (Wu Qu) is in this palace, the one has short figure but good health. They can speak sonorously and powerfully. Though they are irritable, yet they have resolute power to decide everything. Though such person cannot stand in the field of art or academic circles, yet they can succeed in business.


If Lucky Star (Tian Tong) is in this palace, the one will have tender appearance. As the woman, she must have plump body. The one (no matter male or female) has good temper and character, and can keep good relations to other people. But, he/she is not supereminent and easy to damage things.


If Wicked Star (Lian Chen) is in this palace, most of the ones are unkempt. They are arrogant seemly but people think that’s their charming. They don’t have much more friends. Yet their friends can help him and make him succeeding.


If Treasury Star (Tian Fu) is in this palace, the one has peaceful appearance. He/she can process the emotion and rationality with harmonization. He/she does not have extreme attitude in everything. The one has sharp brain to learn everything proficiently and has the ability to handle and use with skill.


If Moon (Tai Ying) is in this palace, the one is one kind of person with tender temper. As to female, usually she will be a beauty and has strong mysophobia.


If Flirting Star (Tan Lang) is in this palace, the one has strong personality. He/she stirs up trouble for the opposite sex easily. The one can make reasonable conclusion for things and make a move quickly.


If Gloomy Star (Ju Men) is in this palace, the one has sharp eyesight and speaks orderly. He/she has strong heart in research. Any tiny/small things can be done completely and detailed. Yet, the one concerns about everything easily.


If Minister Star (Tian Xiang) is in this palace, the one must be a person with steady character and good personality. He/she smart and like cleaning. And he/she has the ability of leadership.


If Blessing Star (Tian Liang) is in this palace, the one is steady. As to female, she is good at caring others and enjoys the happiness due to aid to other people. In general, the one will have long life and has good health.


If Power Star (Chi Sha) is in this palace, the one has irritable character and is a stubborn person. They are silent and reticent. The woman has the shortcoming of self-willed. In general, the one is not healthy and the life is short than others.


If Ruinous Star (Po Jun) is in this palace, most of the people will have ambiversion in empty darkness and natural brightness. They have speculative mentality and like to gamble for many things. Their fates are extreme.


Above are the descriptions for the fourteen stars in this palace. If the score of the star in this palace is in plus sign, then the one must have good life. If the score of the star in this palace is in minus sign, then the one must have bad condition natively.

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