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Friends Palace

It is used to observe the good or bad luck of subordinates, younger generations and servants.


If the Emperor Star (Zi Wei), Sun (Tai Yang), Lucky Star (Tian Tong), Treasure Star (Tian Fu), Moon (Tai Yin), Minister Star (Tian Xiang) and Blessing Star (Tian Liang) are inside this palace, the one with such result can keep good relation to his/her subordinates or younger generations very well and possesses the ability of leadership.


If the Mercy Star (Tian Ji) and Finance Star (Wu Qu) are inside this palace, the one will not get the help from subordinates or servants and will not get troubles due to the subordinates or servants.


If the Wicked Star (Lian Chen), Flirting Star (Tan Lang), Gloomy Star (Ju Men), and Ruinous Star (Po Jun) are inside this palace, the one will be troubled by the subordinates or servants.


If the Power Star (Chi-Sha) is inside this palace, the one will be harmed in lethality by subordinates or younger generations. In general, we can see some examples of businessman or managers. Their companies are occupied by other people. Mostly, you can find the Power Star located in their Friends Palace.

SUPERFATE - Fortune Teller
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