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Know your fate of affinity?

The fate in affinity is an ancient word. In Japan, it is used to describe human relations, especially for man and woman. This word can be used to include everything. If the relation between a man and a woman is god, it is called “having the fate of affinity”, if not, it is called “without the fate of affinity”.


As mentioned in previous sections, this divination uses the most important palace in twelve palaces, Life Palace. This palace can show the characters, talents, and ability of people. So if we can compare man and woman with the life palace, we can understand the affinity for the couple of man and woman.


The Life Palace is estimated from one’s birthday and time, and the stars are arranged from the birthday.  Put the stars in the twelve palace compose the whole result. With such way to view the affinity, it is precise than any other methods.


If people use nine stars of the year (birth) to decide the first great thing in human life, it is a really boring thing. Yet if they can use life palace to deduce, then they must not feel sorry to their decisions.


The way to deduce the fate in affinity of man and woman is to put the stars in man’s life palace and the stars in woman’s life palace together and judge the result.


The wording used for the fate in affinity


Here, let’s talk about the wording used in the fate of affinity.


In general, we call the woman with Zi Wei star in the life palace as the woman of Zi Wei star. Similarly, the man of Tian Ji or the woman of Tan Lang means the life palace of the man appears Tian Ji or the life palace of the woman appears Tan Lang.

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