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The Treasury Star (Tian Fu)

The representative of this star is the wife of Zhou Wang, She is the goddess of talent and skill. She handles the ability and kindness. And she has delicate and pretty looking. She is smart and competitive. For a woman, the rationality will be more important than feeling. And a woman will like to arrange the house, emphasize the dressing and has an appreciation of the beauty.

Star Name

Dou Fen

Five Element




Tian Fu

South One




Wealth, lands


I Characteristics of the Star
1.Figure and Temper
(1) Figure 
 Round, square face with red and yellow appearance .
(2) Temper 
 Tender appearance and strong internal, confident and pretentious 

(1) Stabilization 
 . Abide by the law and do his duty. Has the ability of leadership but without momentum.  
 . Careful in minor things and always be regarded as a stingy man.
(2) Life fate
 . Has the ability of leadership. Seldom to create the future but just follow the procedures step by step.  
 .Has stable and smooth life without momentum.
(3)For woman
 .It is suitable for woman. The woman will be delicate and pretty, and wise. Meanwhile, the woman has the talent in the appreciation of the beauty.
 .Likes to arrange and decorate the house, and values the dressing. 
(4)Star of the wealth
 .A star of boss. 
 .Understand how to manage wealth.  
 .When the star meets Lu Cun, or six Good stars, it means that one will be rich.

 . The one can be assigned as finance and economics. The one will have good luck and happiness in his life.
(5) Feature with the stars
 . The one will have the mind of desire for something belonging to others
 .When the star meets Lu Cun, Chang Qu , the one can achieve both fame and wealth. 
 . When the star meets Chang Qu and Zuo You, it is benefit for the one to join examination. 
 . When the star meets Zi Wei, it can help the one to strengthen his ability of domination. 
 . When the star meets Kong Wang, it means alienation and isolation. 
(6) Six Sha stars When it meets Mars, Ling Xing, Qing Yang, Tuo Luo, Di Kong, or Di Jie, it means the one will take a snap course to solve the problem.
It is the head of Nan Do stars groups. And It is the assistant of Zi Wei. Usually it will not create the future actively. Yet it also can have fortune due to its conservative thought.

II Explanation of the Palace
(1) Conservative, steadiness and full of confidence 
(2) Has special skill but the skill is normal. 

(1)Some of the brothers might be in a public position. 
(2)The one must have five brothers. If the star meets Zi Wei, the one must have six to seven brothers. 

(1)The ability of the spouse is strong and is good at managing money. If the wife is a woman with an occupation, then it will be better for the one. 
(2) Sometimes, the spouse has the ability to work, has an aspiration and vision, yet she can give up individual ideal. 

(1)The children are vivid, filial and can glorify his family. 
(2)When the star meets Zi Wei, it means the one will have five children. When it meets Lian Chen, it means the one will have three children. When it meets Six Sha stars, the one will have three children. 

5. Wealth  
 (1)Wealth house 

 . The one must have fortune in his life time.
 . Conservative and cautious in managing money.
 . When the star is in the same palace with six good stars, it means the one will achieve both fame and wealth.
(2) The shine of the star
When the star is in the same palace with Lian Chen and Wu Qu, the one would prefer spend extravagantly. 

(1)When the star is in the same palace with the star of fire property, it means “brash”; if with the star of water property, it means “
胃寒” . 
(2)When the star meets six Sha stars, be careful the disease of psychasthenia. When the star meets Lian Chen, be careful the permanent disability in middle age.  


 It is suitable for the one to go outside for walking. If the star can appear with Wu Qu and Lian Chen on the same palace, it means the one can get the money in undulated circumstance.

The one has certain position and good luck. He always makes friends with bosses or managers.

9. Career
The one can be an officer or merchant.

10. Property
Means richness, good family financial situation. The one can live in high-class residence and lives in rich life from childhood. 

11. Happiness
Happy is he who is content. 

12. Parents 

The parents are kind. The family is harmony. Yet the aid from family is less.

III Logic
1. People or things cannot have long-term advantage always. Therefore there is no choice but restrict something happened. Solving the problem is just the correct way for the one to do.

2. If the one is arrogant and is unable to return to the proper path after going astray, then the disasters might come to him naturally. If the one can come to understand the truth of “Present are right and past are wrong”, even if he is not a wiser, his comprehension is still valuable.

3. It is more moderate the Zi Wei star. Honest and kind mind can change the portentous into the propitious. People can give such person with high evaluation.

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