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The Mercy Star (Tian Ji)

The representative of this star is Jiang Zi-Ya who handles wisdom and spirit. He has long and thin face and moderate figure. He is not tall but not short. Yet, he is quick-tempered, oversensitive and sentimental.


Star Name

Dou Fen

Five Element




Tian Ji

South Three






I Characteristics of the Star
1. Figure and Temper
 (1) Figure  
  cultured, a little fat and middle stature
(2) Temper 
  meticulous thought, good at calculating, peaceful in appearance but variation in mind, impetuous and depressed. 

  versatile, curious, avoiding merchandising or starting an enterprise 
(2) IQ 
  1. Smart and skillful
  2. Oversensitive, sentimental
  1. The star means variation. The one does not like to stay at home. 
  2. When the star meets Hua Ji or Tian Ma, variation will occur.
Tian Ji: lively, making representation and planning 
Po Jun and Chi Sha: unsettling human life

II Explanation of the Palace
1. Life
(1) The one is interested in the affairs and is the talent of secretary.

(2) The one is born to have good drinking capacity.
(3) The one has the potential of exercise.
(4) The one is nervous debility.

2. Brothers 
(1) Someone (among the brothers) is smart.
(2) When the star meets Hua Lu, the one’s brothers are clever. When the star meets Hua Quan, the one’s brothers will quarrel easily.

3. Marriage
(1) The spouse of the one is slim in emotion and has genius.
(2) The gap between the age of the spouse and the age of the one is great. The spouse of the one is nervous, easy insomnolence and anxious.
(3) The star floats in some way. The one might not be careful in choosing mate.
(4) The spouse of the one must notice the problem of unsteady job.
(5) The spouse of the one cannot get along with the one’s family.

4. Children 
  The one does not have so many children. Yet the children are vivid, smart and lively.

5. Wealth 
 (1) Unsettled wealth
   The one is from rags to riches. He works hard with mind and labor. However, the money is easy come, easy go.
   When the star meets six Sha stars or Hua Ji, the one must prevent liabilities and lawsuit.
(2)Nature of the job 
  Unsteadiness: the one cannot do one fixed job to get the money in the whole life 
  Opportunistic: the one prefers to use opportunistic or adventuresome job to earn money 
  Type: the one is good at using skills to earn money 
6. Health   
 (1) When the star meets Wen Qu or Hua Ji, the limbs of the one will be easy to get hurt or wither.
(2) The one is easy to get sick. If the star sits in this palace singly, the one will be susceptible to diseases from childhood.

7. Travel 
  The one is active. It is suitable for the one going outside for development.

8. Friends  
  The frieds of the one usually have acquired a specialty from study. The might not trust for each other. In a company, the running of the subordinate is high. If not, the one might change job frequently.

9. Career 
  Art, publication, design, wooden furniture or decoration are the suitable job for the one.

10. Property

  (1) Do not inherit the fortune of ancestor. It is suitable for the one to live near a road.
  (2) The one will move the house frequently or change the position of the furniture.

11. Happiness 
   The one likes to think and has strong mind to learn things. The one is curious in everything.

12. Parents 
   The education level of the parents is very high. They use strict way to teach their children.

III Logic
1. The advantage of the one is that he is kind and good at planning. The one is studious and active, calm and bold. The disadvantage of the one is changeable and easy to forget things, likes to curry favor with somebody.

2. If the one tries every means to achieve evil ends, he must know that once takes a false step, he would be failed. Calculating everything always result in obstacles. People often ignore others right to seek individual benefit. So it is suggested for the one to use a strategy of double-gaining. That is keeping calculating in great thing and muddle-headed in tiny thing. Then the one would have achievements more than before.

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