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The Blessing Star (Tian Liang)

The representative of the Blessing Star (Tian Liang) is Li Jing who handles eternity and lead. The one have delicate and pretty figure. His behavior is open-handed and mature. He has plentiful experiences, is bold and likes to be in the limelight. He likes to gamble and boasts.


Star Name

Dou Fen

Five Element




Tian Liang

South Two




Means long life, restriction and reconcilement

I Characteristics of the Star
1. Figure and Temper
(1) Figure  
  Delicate and pretty, long and square face, high forehead, long eyebrows, bald easily
(2) Temper
  Kindness, solemnity and open-handed

 1. honesty, the ability to analyze, rich experience, leadership 
 2. has the addiction to gamble and boast 
(2)For woman 
  The woman has aspiration as a man and likes to look after other people.
(3) Dignity 

 1. Government employees and teachers
 2. Have good behavior in academic job 
(4)Long life 
 1.Old people can obtain long lives in dangerous time.
 1.Tian Lian Detached thought; turnning bad luck into good fortune 
 2.Tian Xiang Likes to help people and is active 
 3.Tian Ji Soft-hearted and charity 
 It is the star that can turn bad luck into good fortune. The one has tender temper, good-natured and likes to study religion and philosophy. 
(7)Xing Hua 
 1.Lucky stars
  . When the star meets Wen Chang and Wen Qu, it means good learning, expert in examination, and public office.
  . When the star meets Hua Lu, it is not suitable for the one to be in business.
 2.Sha stars 
  . Tian Lian and Yang Tuo: it means gambling, blood bleeding, wound
  . Tian Lian and Kong Jie: it means suffering money loss
II Explanation of the Palace
1. Life
 (1)Lucky star 

 The one will have the following chances:
 .Obtain the heritage from ancestor II. Enjoy ready-made undertaking of other people 
 III. Inherit ready-made affairs.
(2) It is not beneficial for the one to go into trade

2. Brothers 
(1) Brothers respect for seniority.
(2) When the star meets Tian Tong, the one will have three brothers.

3. Marriage

 All the problems such as dissolution of engagement, obstruction or wedding day delay can be solved easily.
 . If the spouse is baffled in business, has unhealthy body, or is swayed by one's feelings and acts rashly, these troubles can be solved smoothly if this star does not meet Sha star in the same palace.

 . The man can marry a good woman who is good at household duties.
 . The woman will marry a man who likes to interfere household affairs.
(3) If this star is in marriage palace singly, it means the spouse of the one is outstanding.

4. Children 
 (1) Smart and pietistic; interested in literature.
(2) When the stars appear in the palace singly, the one will have two children. When the star meets Tian Ji in the same palace, the one will have two children.


5. Wealth 
  . In the whole life, the one can inherit the inheritance, business, fame from ancestor to get large fortune.

(2)Hua Lu

  . Persecution in money or too much dispute.
  . The resource of the fortune is not frank and righteous.
  If the one wants to go into trade, then he/she must suffer from the difficulty in money. It the star meets any one of the six Sha stars in the same palace or meets Hua Ji in the same palace, then it is hard to solve the problems.

6. Health   
There is on apparent symptom in explaining the health of the one. Sometime the one will feel uncomfortable in stomach.

7. Travel 
  The one can get help from important and valued persons, usually they are old.

8. Friends  
  The one has good relationship with other people and likes to make friends with elders.

9. Career 
 (1) The one is good at administration and has stable career.
 (2) When the star meets Tian Tone, the one can be solely responsible for one section
10. Property
 (1) The one has property inherited from one's ancestors, old and big house(s).
 (2) When the star meets Tian Tong in the same palace, then the one will feel that it is hard for him to buy a house in the beginning.

11. Happiness 
 The one values leisure time and lives happily. Meanwhile the one can get good fortune from ancestor and elders.

12. Parents 
 The one’s parents are kind and macrobiotic. If the one can live with the parents, then he/she can under the care of his parents.

III Logic
1. The one is honest and upright and likes to be free & at leisure. If the one gets lots of money suddenly, he might be censured by people.

2. The shortcoming of the free & leisure willing is that it might cause delay in work or business. Yet the one is so smart. Smart and lazy persons are so many in the world.

3. The youths always think suffering losses is better than failure. They complain of non-sharpness and shrewdness for themselves. And they cannot agree that suffering losses is good fortune. Logically, sharpness and shrewdness can make the one not suffering losses. Yet the actual situation is that straight and upright person can obtain good fortune and happiness.

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