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The Moon (Tai Yin)

The representative of this star is the wife of Huang Fei Hu. She is the goddess of cleanliness. The lady has white skin and is smart, elegant, careful, patient, loving cleanness and magnanimous.

Star Name

Dou Fen

Five Element




Tai Yin

South North




For fortune, residence, father, wife and daughter


I Characteristics of the Star
1. Figure and Temper

(1) Figure

 Round and square face, elegant, loving cleanness; for the one born in white day, the skin is dark; for the one born in night, the skin is white.

(2) Temper 

 Romantic, timid, valuing emotions, impatient but not displaying in face, nervous


2. Characters 

Smart, elegant, valuing emotion, loving cleanness

(2) Solar terms

1. Shi Chen:

  . With the different Shi Chen of the birth, everything will be changed.

  . Lunar Calendar, the first day is shuo ri. It means Shi Hui.

     The day of 8 is the first quarter of the moon, everything will be getting to perfection.

     The day of 15 is the wang ri, the moon is round and light.

     The day of 22 is the moon at the last (or third) quarter, the moon is getting to be deficient.

2.Shi Hui

 The one is timid, lazy and has obsession in emotion.


(3) Feminine

1. For a man or a woman, the star in Life palace means “mother” of the one.

2.When the one’s mother lives, the star in Life palace can be used to deduce the good or bad luck of the mother.

3. When the mother of the one is dead, the star in Life palace means “wife” for a man. The star in Life palace means “herself” for a woman.

4.For a widow or widower, the star in Life palace means “daughter”.

5. In childhood, the one will be harmful to his mother.

(4) The one will be rich. He likes to deliberate and has quiet personality.

(5)Six good stars

 1.It would be good to meet Liu Ji stars and Lu Cun.

 (6)Liu Sha stars

 1.It would be bad to meet Liu Sha stars in this palace, for it means discouragement.

 (7)Si Hua

 Everything will be good when the star meets any one of the Si Hua stars.


II Explanation of the Palace
1. Life
(1)The one is harmful to close relatives due to the insufficient sentiment in blood relation or the bad condition in health of the one.

(2)Suitable careers: study, science, attending an examination, work in the literary and artistic fields, public service and so on.

(3)The one will be easily to have the disease of the urinary system.

(4) Keeping conservative thought in the job can help the one maintain auspiciousness. The job with competitiveness is not the suitable one for the one.


2. Brothers 
 (1) When Tai Yin meets Tai Yang, the one will have five brothers.

(2) When Tai Yin meets Tian Ji, the one will have two brothers.


3. Marriage

(1). The spouse of the one must be away from one's native place.

(2)For a man:

  .The one will have a good wife who will do her best to manage house.

  . The benefit of the palace can result in the auspiciousness of the family and the career for the one.

 (3)For a woman: her husband is tender and introvert, smart and full of compassion.


4. Children

The one will have a daughter, then a son. The children have the talent in literature and art. In addition, they all like cleanness.


5. Wealth 


 .Focus on the content of substance and spirit.

 .The one does not value money. He knows the way to manage money and content with his lot.


 When the star meets Hua Ji in the same palace, it means money loss.


6. Health 

(1)This palace handles the kidney and blood.

(2)For men, please pay attention to the disease of kidney; for women, please pay attention to the disease of leucorrhea or the uterus.

(3) When Tai Yin meets Young Ren in the same palace, it means that the one must take notice of the disease of eyes. When Tai Yin meets Tuo Luo, it means that the teeth of the one are bad.


7. Travel 
The one can get help form woman very much. If the one goes outside, he will be back lately. In addition, the one likes to walk outside in midnight.


8. Friends 
The one is popular and has the affinity of woman. It will be helpful for the one to work with female subordinates and bosses.


9. Career 
The career of the one is steady. The suitable job for the one is the commerce of immovable property. The second choice is the appliances of woman and cleanness.


10. Property

(1) Lots of immovable property

(2)The one likes a room with dark or dim light. He can make the house cleanly and likes to sleep late.

(3)Xing Hua

  .Tai Yin and Tian Tong: rise in life by one's own efforts

  . Tai Yin and Tai Young: means lots of immovable property

  . Tai Yin and Tian Ji: mean the purchase of the house is far from the place of birth


11. Happiness 
There is affinity in opposite sex for the one. The one is romantic and has high-level sanity. For a man, he can enjoy life in comfort and happiness for the whole life.


12. Parents 

(1) When the Sun and Moon sit in this palace, it means the harms on the parents. At this time, the one should be sent out or far away from home.

(2) Avoid Gu Chen or Bai Hu into this palace, for it means the one’s mother will die early.


III Logic

1. The moon is not hot or light than the Sun, the contribution of the moon also is smaller than the sun. Yet if people show the zeal excessively, they might beckon complaint. Keeping certain distance for getting along with other people, you will get unimaginable results.


2. When someone is rich, he might not develop or show his talent and ability completely. Yet when someone is in bad condition, he will do everything if he can for making a living.


3. The one is independent and seldom gets assistance from relatives or friends.
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