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The Finance Star (Wu Qu)

The representative of this star is Chou Wu Wang. He is the god of fortune and handles wealth, bravery and longevity. Yet it is a star of widowed nature, so it is not good for a woman. The one will have white face, wide forehead, rough brows, hard hair, sturdy character, honesty and personal loyalty, straightforward temper, new ideas at any time, systematization in work.


Star Name

Dou Fen

Five Element




Wu Qu

North Six




Master the wealth

I Characteristics of the Star 
1. Figure and temper
  Round face, cold expression if no smile, strong body, not too fat but in good health, unusual thick hair 
   Chastity, heroic and indomitable attitude, fortitude, docility

2. Characters 
(1)Wealth Star 
  The one can have good performance in career. If Tian Ji is named as planner, then Wu Qu can be regarded as executor.
   Straightforwardness, gentleness, loud voice, making prompt decisions, having tolerance
(3) Solitary

  .For a man
  a. This star is suitable for a man but not a woman for it will affect the marriage.
  .For a woman 
   a. The star is not good for a woman. So it would be better for the woman to have a job and the husband should be elder than the woman about seven years old.     
  a. Suitable for marriage at a more mature age 
  b. If the star meets Huo Xing, then such combination will be good for the marriage.
. If Wu Qu and Chi Sha (or Po Jun, Tan Lang) with Si Hua are at the same palace, a special power will appear and is benefit to the wealth.  
(5)Si Hua(Wu Qu is sensitive to Si Hua) 
  . When Wu Qu meets Hua Lu: suitable for trade 
  . When Wu Qu meets Hua Quanbenefit in military service 
  . When Wu Qu meets Hua Ke: benefit in civil service
  . When Wu Qu meets Hua Ji: can earn the money but cannot save it 

II Explanation of the Palace
1. Life 
(1)The one can own fortune by working hard. The job must relate to economics and metal. 
(2)Suitable for the job of military, police 

2. Brothers  
(1) Has brothers with rigid character or extreme thoughts
(2) Two brothers or less, if there is a lucky star in the same palace, the one might have three brothers. 

3. Marriage 
(1).For a man 
  .Has a wife with unusual courage and ability, but arbitrary 
  .When the star meets Tan Lang or Chi Sha, the husband and wife will do harm each other. 
(2) For a woman: the one will take the power away from the husband.

(3) Marriage at a more mature age 
If the life palace is bad, the one might have several times of marriage. So it would be good for the one to marry at a late age.  
  . When Wu Qu meets Hua Lu: the spouse will be important person of finance and economics. 
  . When Wu Qu meets Hua Quanthe spouse is a military 
  . When Wu Qu meets Hua Ke: the spouse achieves both fame and wealth 
  . When Wu Qu meets Hua Ji: the one will be lonely for half a lifetime 

4. Children 
(1) The children are stubborn and obstinate. It would be better for the one to provide metal toys to guide the children studying technology.
(2) When Wu Qu meets Po Jun: the one will have one child. 
 When Wu Qu meets Tian Xian: the one can foster one child first, then give birth to another one. 

 When Wu Qu meets Chi Sha: the one should avoid hurting the child 

5. Wealth (The master palace) 
(1) Wealth star
 . Good at managing money
 Ⅱ. Having business first, then getting fortune
(2)Career  If the one engages in the job something to do with metal, he might earn the money easily.
(3)Sha Stars 
 Ⅰ.Si Sha: if the star sits in the same palace with Si Sha, it is easy for the one becoming an expert of specified technology. 
 Ⅱ.Kong Jie: The expenses will be great. 
 Ⅲ.Hua Ji: The one will lose money due to the change of the career. 
(4)Xing Yao
 When Wu Qu meets Chi Sha in the same palace: the one will rise in life by one's own efforts  
 When Wu Qu meets Tan Lang: the one will be successful after middle age 

6. Health 
(1)Wu Qu belongs to Yin and metal, it masters cough, hoarseness, irascibility, and cold 
(2)When Wu Qu meets Hua Ji, the one might have a wound by knife. Besides, the one will suffer many disasters in childhood such as harm in limbs and head. 

7. Travel 
)The stars manages changes and variation. The one must work with one's mind. 
)It the star meets Tan Lang in the same palace, the one will succeed. If meets Chi Sha, the one will not have peaceful mind and body. 

8. Friends  This is a widowed and variable star. The friends around you will come and go in haste.

9. Career
The one is not suitable for the job with document and in administrative department. It will be proper for the one to do the job with metal, finance, account, military, hardware and techniques. 
(2) Xing Hua
The one has vigorous force of execution.  
 Ⅰ. When Wu Qu meets Tan Lang: the one will practice favouritism in administrative affairs. 
 Ⅱ. When Wu Qu meets Tain Xi: the one will face different people for his job, e.g., service trade

10. Property 
The one can get lots of property from forefathers. When Wu Qu meets Po Jun or Da Hao, it is possible for the one losing a family fortune.

11. Happiness 
It means the one works hard; and is obstinate & irritable. If the star meets Chi Sha or Po Jun in the same palace, the one will toil for the whole life. If the star meets Tan Lang, the one will be rich in old age.

12. Parents  The parents are stubborn but they are careful in behavior. They talk in the style as a judge holds court.

III Logic
1. If the star meets Hua Lu in the same palace, the one will have good wealth; if the star meets Hua Ji, then the one will be bankrupt. The one is firm in behavior and does not hesitate in making decisions. The one seldom reminds the passing things, but looks into the future. So it will be benefit for him to have correct judgement, if not he will fail. The key point is that he needs a brain trust and good friends.

2. If the star is in the Friends palace, the one will be hurt by villains. Please pay attention to making friends.

3. The big reason that influences wealth is the happiness and luck, the second reason is will and career. Losing great fortune will influence the strategy and thoughts for the future. No fortune, no happiness. To start an enterprise or take up an occupation must depend on your wealth and then match up with interest, will and the background of expertise.

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