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The Gloomy Star (Jue Meng)

The representative of this star is the wife of Jiang Zi Ya. She handles the quarrel and doubt. The star manages quarrels, disputes, food, and eloquence. The star has sharp eyes, good reaction, good eloquence in argument, likes to study, has the ability of analysis, the ability to memorize, the ability to associate and so on. It is careful but suspicious.


Star Name

Dou Fen

Five Element




Ju Men

North Two







I Characteristics of the Star
1. Figure and temper
 (1) Figure

  Middle, big mouth


Strong power of association, analysis, study and confidence, honest, kind with little haughtiness, sharp words, eloquence in argument, suspicion and erudition


2. Characters 
(1) god of acrimoniousness

(2) fond of god, Buddha, study of fate

(3) eloquence, can be a diplomatic personnel; has good relationship, suitable for the job with oratorical ability

 2. Job with oratorical ability

  . culture and education

    . merchandising

   . show business



  . agency

  . mass media



(4)Right and wrong: the one is kind and sincere, a dispute is always caused by a quarrel 

(5)For a woman: the one is alienated and suspicious which results in the deterioration of love

(6) Pains: the one has rough childhood, he must obtain gains after working hard

(7)Si Hua

. Hua Quan (rationality): It can increase the power of speaking and reduce the quarrel

. Hua Lu (sensitivity): It can help the one to be the famous person in show business

. Hua Ji

  It means much more quarrels. If Sha star comes across, the one must pay attention to the indictment.


(8)Xing Hua

 1.Lucky Star

  .Lu Cun: smoothness for the whole life

  . Zuo You: richness for the whole life

  .Chang, Qu, Kui Yue: public service or cultural enterprises

 2.Sha Star

  .Yang Ren: obstacle in emotion, quarrel, harm by a knife

  .Tuo Luo: harm in enmotion

  .Huo, Ling, Bai Hu: litigation, prison; if Huo, Ling meet in Travel palace, it means “traffic accident”



The one is good at human relation and engages in the job of teaching, negotiating and singing. Tan Lang is versatile but it is partial to avarice and arrogance. Tian Ji is good at consulting, contact and rush ing about on business. He is a talent of technology.

II Explanation of the Palace
1. Life
 Plain appearance, protruding cheekbone, erect nose, big mouth, eyes with might, strong hands and feet, loud voice, suspicion

(2)Xing Hu

  .When the star meets Qing Yang, Tuo Luo on the same palace, the one will marry at a late age

  .When Huo, Ling, Bai Hu meet together in San He, it means encountering fire.

 Though this star is bad, yet Zi Wei and Lu Cun can release the bad fate.


2. Brothers 
 (1)The opinions among the brothers are differences. It is hard to communicate for each one.

(2) When the star meets Tian Ji, the one will have two brothers

  When the star meets Sun, the one will have three brothers

  When the star meets Tian Tong, the one will have two to three brothers


3. Marriage

 Ⅰ.Dispute, quarrel are much.

 Ⅱ.The spouse has good oratorical ability. If the star meets Lu Cun in the same palace, then the one can get help from the spouse.

(2)Emotion difficulties will be occurred easily. If the star meets Liu Sha in the same palace, or Liu Sha is in the life palace, it is bad for the one.  

(3)The emotion is complicated for Ju Men. They shift their loves to other persons seriously. Men will have difficulty in emotion.


 4. Children 

(1)The children like to speak. They have seldom chances to meet their parents. Meanwhile, they have different thoughts with the parents

(2)Ju Men and Sun in the same palace: the first and second children are easy to bring up.

 Ju Men and Tian Ji in the same palace: the one will have one son.

 Ju Men and Tian Kong, Di Jie in the same palace: the one will not have any son.


5. Wealth 

(1)Creating fortune with the mouth

  Ⅰ.Suitable for the job with mouth, such as agency

  Ⅱ. It is hard for the one to keep the money. If the one has great desire, he might encounter loss in money.

  Ⅲ. Do not show one's intelligence and avoid provoking a dispute.

  Ⅳ. If the star in the Children palace is not good, the one must pay attention to the spending of the children.

(2)Xing Hua

  When the Ju Men meets Hua Ji, Qing Yang or Tuo Luo, the one must avoid the quarrel.


6. Health 

Digestion system, kidney, and lungs are not good.


7. Travel 

The one cannot get alone with other people well. It is easy for the one to provoke a dispute


8. Friends

Have various kinds of friends. If Ju Men and Tian Ji are in the same palace, the subordinates are treacherous to the one. If the Ju Men and Hua Ji are in the same palace, the one might be implicated by friends.


9. Career

Engaging in the job with eloquence, learning and technology, traffic and so on. If Shar star meets Ju Men in the same palace, then the one will suffer litigation.


10. Property

Clamor in family, quarrel in neighborhood


11. Happiness
Work with mind and labor. If the star meets Hua Ji, the one will get into a dead end. The only good combination is Ju Men and Tian Tong. The one can enjoy his life.


12. Parents 
Gap appears between the parents and the one.


III Logic
Ju Men and Hua Lu can lead fortune. Yet this star is not a wealth star, so the fortune is limited. If Hua Quan meets Ju Men in the same palace, the one will have authority. If Hua Ji meets Ju Men in the same palace, the quarrel will be all over the sky. The Ju Men does not meet Hua Ke, the one will not get fames with eloquence only, but has to match with specialty and achievements.

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