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The Flirting Star (Tan Lang)

The representative of this star is Da Ji, a goddess of desire. She handles desire and substance. The man of this star is beautiful; the woman of this star is bright-colored and beautiful. They have vivid lives and are free and easy in many things. In addition, they love night lives and are good at communications. Both man and woman are versatile and fraternal.

Star Name

Dou Fen

Five Element




Tan Lang

North One



Tao Hua (love)

Master good or bad things

I Characteristics of the Star
1. Figure and temper
 Both man and woman are middle figure. Women are bright-colored and beautiful and men are beautiful too.
 The one is free and easy in many things, and selfish. Besides the one has impetuous emotions, likes to gamble, values substance and loves celestial skill 

This star is the god of desire. The good deeds will not be found by common people easily. Yet the bad deed is protruded quickly. If the bad deed is found, people will ignore the good behaviors of the one and think the one is a bad guy.
 versatile, eloquent, good at social intercourse

 Fraternity and amiability. The one care for opposite sex particularly.
(4)Xing Hua 
 1.Sha stars: it can help the one to learn correct things and dispel bad hobbies. 
  . It is good to meet Huo Xing and Ling Xing.
  . It is bad to meet Hua JI for the one might have a pipe dream.
  . It is bad to meet Chang and Qu stars for the one will like to boast.
  . It is bad to meet Po Jun in the life palace for the one will have a life of setback.
  . It is bad to meet Yang, Tuo, Hua Ji for the one might be marred by a scar or have deformities.
 2 Others 
  . It is good to meet Hua Lu for the one will have long life and limitless food.
  . It is good to meet Hua Quan for the one will have many chances to engage in social activities and have good affinity in opposite sex.
(5). Water situation  It is bad to meet Yang, Tuo in the time of Zi and Hai for the one could be a Lothario.
  1. In the life circle, Chi Sha, Po Jun and Tan Lang are the pivots of variation.
  2. The variation of Tan Lang is smaller than Po Jun and Chi Sha. And the power and nature tend to avarice and arrogance.
(7).For a woman 
  1. The one has a hobby. She has great originality in housekeeping and needlework. Yet this star is really not good for a woman.

  2. It is bad to meet Yang, Tuo, Tain Yao, Hong Luan and Xian Chi for the one might have disputes in emotions.
Tan Lang in life palace,
The one can enjoy his life. He/she is shrewd and diplomatic, good at drinking and likes literature, art & gambling.  

Tian Tone in life palace, 

The one likes to enjoy life. He/she is lazy, and loves to go ease and hates to work hard. The one does not have good fate in wealth. The best job for the one is being one of the staff. In addition, the one can enjoy literature and art and has abundant emotions.

II Explanation of the Palace 
1. Life 
 (1) The one is versatile. If the one wants to engage in show business, it is good for him/her.
 (2) The one encounters competition in the job easily. Yet, the one likes to compete.
 (3) The one might face great changes for the whole life especially in environment and emotions.

2. Brothers 
 (1) It is better for the one to live separately with brothers, otherwise feeling of animosity will be produced sooner or latter.
 (2)If one of the brothers in the one’s family has different opinions with the parents, that brother might leave home due to the disagreement.

3. Marriage 
(1)Ancient Theory 
 . For a man, his wife might be a prostitute. For a woman, her husband might be romantic.
 . The wife and the husband must pay attention to second divorce. If the emotion is not stable, both man and woman should marry at a late age.
(2)Modern Theory 
 .Appearance: The one has good appearance and talends. 
 .Hobby: The social engagement for the one is too much. The one might discuss business in special places and know the way of communication. 
 .Occupation: It is something to do with art, entertainment and diplomacy. 
 .Variation: The obstacle might appear in the one’s life and usually it is something to do with avarice and arrogance. 
 .Xing Hua: When Tan Lang meets Huo Ling, the one must marray at a late age. 

4. Children  
(1) The one is stubborn and has high ambition.
(2) When Tan Lang meets Zi Wei, the one will have two children. When Tan Lang meets Wu Qu, the one will have three children. When Tan Lang meets Liang Chen, the one will have two children.

5. Wealth 
  The one is good at managing wealth.
(2) Xing Hua
  When the star meets Hong Luan, Tian Yao, Tian Xi, Xian Chi, Mu Yu, Liu Sha and Hua Ji, the one might loose money due to the problem of emotion.
6. Health   
(1) The one must pay attention to the disease of liver and kidney.
(2) The one might have heart disease due to the problem of kidney.

7. Travel  
The one likes the activity of exciting and the activity of the opposite sex.

8. Friends  
The one makes friends widely. But there is no intimate friend for oneself.

9. Career 
(1)When the star is in Wealth or Career palace, the one must take precaution against greediness.
(2) The one can engage in entertainment, cosmetology, military job and so on. He/she can have great development in the job and exercises control.
(3) When the star meets Zi Wei in this palace, the one is efficient in both brainy and brawny activities.

10. Property 
(1) The one has no ancient property.
(3) When the star meets Wu Qu, Hua Quan, and Hua Ke, the one can purchase houses in old age.

11. Happiness 

 The one is indomitable, has desire in many things, and has good appetite.

12. Parents 

 The one’s parents have complicated emotions. It is easy for them to have different opinions.

III Logic 
1. This star comprehends obsequiousness very much and knows how to achieve its goal. So the star does not have good fame.

2. A doctor might ask other one to cure his disease; the fortuneteller will ask other one to have fortune-telling for his family. This is to ensure the conclusion is correct. Everyone has different nature. The acquired training can help people to restraint the bad hobbies to keep good social order. Tan Lang, born in some palace or some year, might have the tendency of stealing. Though the one is not poor, yet he will use the bad behavior to content himself. And the object he stole is not necessary object for life, such behavior is the one’s character.

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