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The Wicked Star (Lian Zheng)

Wicked Star (Lian Zhen)

The representative of the star is Fei Zhong, the traitor of Zhou Wang. He handles wickedness and distortion. The one is tall and strong and with beauty of wildness. He/she has good ability to memorize, likes to adventure and gamble. And he is dissolute.


Star Name

Dou Fen

Five Element




Lian Zhen

North Five

Wood and Fire



In life palace, it masters sub Tao Hua; in career palace, it masters career

I Characteristics of the Star 
1. Figure and temper 
  1. Tall and strong. The eyes are bright and piercing.
  2. The woman is delicate, pretty and modest.
  Hard style in drifting management, free and easy, indomitable, adventureful, variable 
2. Characters  
(1) Maniac person 
 informal, heroic, sturdy, dissipated and fearsome 
(2)Five Ghosts (Wu Gui) 
 The star is insubordinate. The one does not fear in terrible situation. He/she does not care about judgment that people do for him/her. In addition, the one has good human relation. It would be better for him to be employed by someone.
(3)Tao Hua (love) 
  The job of the one always has to contact with the opposite sex, for example, clerk, airhostess and so on.

(4)For a woman  

For a woman, she has good temperament. She is delicate and pretty but not gorgeous. When the star meets Mercury, it means the one will keep distance from the opposite sex for the whole life.
 It is the best for the star to sit in this palace. The one will have good performance in job, especially in the administrative unit.
(6) Liu Ji
1. It is good for the star to meet Chang and Qu star for the one will be polite and like music. Yet the emotion of the one will not be smooth and the one has short life.
2. If the star meets Jiang star, the one will have great authority. He/she must notice the stubbornness.
(7) Liu Sha
  1. When the star meets Di Jie or Di Kong, the one will have a job with high position.
  2. Has week resistance to Si Sha for it will be affected.
(8)Si Hua 
  1. It is bad to meet Hua Ji in the same palace for the one might encounter difficulty. All the stars fear to meet Hua Ji, yet Lian Chen, Wu Qu and Tian Ji fear Hua Ji very much.
  2 Hua Lu tends to the fate of love (Tao Hua).  

II Explanation of the Palace

1. Life
(1) Suitable for the job of public office.
(2) The one has potential short-tempered character. It can be changed with the education.
(3) The one has good human relations.

2. Brothers  
(1) Elder and younger brothers are heartless.
(2) When the star is in the palace singly, the one will have two brothers.
(3) When the star meets Tian Tong, the one will have two brothers. When the star meets Chi Sha, the one will have one brother.

3. Marriage 
(1) If there is no Hua Ji or Liu Sha in the same palace of this star, the one is suitable for the job of public office and has good position.
(2) This star is not a wealth star. When it is in the palace singly, the spouse of the one works hard and does not seek wealth.
(3)Other influence

 The one has beautiful appearance and knows human interest, so the one has good human relations. Besides, the one has principle of life.

4. Children  
(1) The children are rebellious and like to study everything. They usually take the toys apart. So you have to watch them out to avoid danger occurrence.
(2) When the star is in the palace singly, the one will have one child. When the star meets Tian Xiang, the one will have two children.

5. Wealth
(1)Wealth Star 

 This star is wealth star, yet the variation is big. It means the one get the money easily and looses the money easily. Any official job can help the one to reduce the variation. If the one want to have individual business, please choose a work with nature of service to supplement the inadequacy of wealth.

 The one values substance enjoyment such as decoration, cars, clothes, tours, entertainments and food.
Lian Chen :
The one knows when is suitable to spend money and know what kind of money worthy to obtain. For social activities, the one will spend lots of money to increase human relations.

Tan Lang: 

The one is good at managing money. So he can use the money in different ways. The income is obtained by opportunity. And he will spend money due to social activities.
Tain Ji : 
The one prefers to earn opportunistic wealth. He has strong ability of turnover. The way of technique is really suitable for the one.

6. Health    

The one is impatient and has insomnia. So the cold will be easy to find him such as canker sore. In addition, the one has weak mechanism of duodenum.

7. Travel

When it meets lucky star, it means it is safe for the one to go outside. In addition, the one must work hard and has unexpected encounter. It is suitable for the one to go to a big city for development. In leisure time, the one likes to climb a mountain and goes for a picnic.

8. Friends

 The variation of making friends is great.

9. Career (The master of the palace) 

The one can do public office. If the one want to do job in the private enterprise, it is suitable for the one to do work in the way of electric equipment and technique.

10. Property 
(1) When the star meets Chi Sha, the one cannot depend on the ancestor fortune but works hard to earn money.
(2) When the star meets Hua Ji, there must be quarrels in the house of that one. In addition, the electric equipments in the house often break down.

11. Happiness

 The one works hard with mind. When he meets troubles, someone will save him and help him.
12. Parents 

 The tempers of the parents are strange. They are easy to be angry with their children.

III Logic

1. The one has the mind to make progress. He has strong temper. Yet the one is easy, generous, and humorous.

2. The one has the character of aiming too high and has vanity. So he always falls down painful abyss.

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