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The Ruinous Star (Po Jun)

The representative of this star is Zhou Wang, the god of damage and consumption. The figure of the one is short height, think back and wide shoulder. The one is capricious, suspicious, opportunistic, loving new things, liking to destroy present situation just for reformation.

Star Name

Dou Fen

Five Element




Po Jun

North Seven




Master better and worse things, husband and wife, children, servants


I Characteristics of the Star
1. Figure and temper
 think back and wide shoulder, short, and headstrong 
 impatient, suspicious, opportunistic, dare to speak and condemn 

2. Characters  
(1) Dilapidation 
 The star indicates dilapidation and out of luck. 
(2)Into the palace 
If the star gets in to palace of six relations, it will be bad for the one. 
The one has ideas of his own. He is impatient but resolute and has the mind of initiating.
(4)For a woman
 1.Man of this star does not value the appearance; yet the woman will be vainglorious, waste and nervous 
 2.The star cannot meet Chang and Qu for a woman, otherwise the one will exhaust the fortune and is harmful to her husband. 
(5) Reconciliation 
 1.Zi Wei: if the star meets Zi Wei, the one will be obedient. 
 2.Lu Cun, Hua Lu: it can help the one to relieve bad habitual behavior 
 3.Tian Fu: if the star meet Tian Fu, the one will have good eloquence 
(6)Xing Hua 
 1.Lucky star
  .Kui Yui, Zuo You, Hua Lu and Hua Quan can increase achievements. 
  .If the start meets Chang or Qu, it is not good for the one’s father. 
 2.Sha Stars 
  .Kong Jie star will increase the pains and unsettlement. 
  .The star cannot meet Hua, Ling, Yang, Tuo, Tian Ku, Tian Xu, otherwise the obstruction will be increased and harmful to the one.
 (1) Great variation that might affect the whole life of the one.
 (2) It is not good for a woman in emotion and wealth.

II Explanation of the Palace 
1. Life  
(1)Not close with blood-relation. Have great variation in the whole life. The one has abundant emotions. He is brave and upright. 
(2)It is suitable for the one to do the job with variation.

2. Brothers
(1)The brothers do things in their own way. If the star meets Sha star, then the brothers might do harms for each other. 
(2)When the star meets Lian Chen, the one will have one brother. 
 When the star meets Zi Wei, the one will have two brothers.
  When the star meets Liu Ji, the one will have three brothers. 

 When the star meets Wu Qu, the one will have two brothers. 

3. Marriage 
  The spouse has sense of justice and sense of responsibility. It would be better for the one to marry at a late age.
 .Seldom get together   .Lack of emotional appeal   
 . Conflict in personality .The marriage is done with an effort, or resistance is great before marriage. 
 . a hobby of mysophobia 
(3)Xing Hua 
 . When the star meets Wu Qu, the road of emotion is not smooth. If the one married early, he might divorce for some reason.
 . When the star meets Lian Chen, it is bad for the one due to the possibility of divorce.

4. Children 
(1) When the star meets Lian Chen, the one will have one child.
(2) It is bad for the woman for she might abort easily.
(3) The children are not easy to teach. They are full of vim and vigor and have strong destructive power.

5. Wealth  
 . Variation in wealth for the whole life.
 .The one does not value the wealth and is not good at managing the money.
  The one will earn money with various occupations. Or the one will change the way of earning money frequently.
(3)Xing Hua 

 Ⅰ. When the star is in the same palace with Hua Lu, Lu Cun, or Liu Ji, the one can keep the original fortune after suffering a setback.
 Ⅱ. When the star meets Di Jie, Di Kong in the same palace, the variation of the fortune is great. It will be easy for the one to lose a family fortune if the one goes into trade.
 Ⅲ. When the star meets Wu Qu, the fortune comes and goes soon.
 Ⅳ. When the star meets Zi Wei, the financial capability of the one is great.
 Ⅴ.When the star meets Lian Chen, the one must work hard to get money.

6. Health  
It indicates the heart mechanism of the one is weak. If the one does not have a humpback; he must have the disease of kidney. 

7. Travel  
(1) Stay outside of someone’s hometown.
(2) If the star meets Sha star, the one will become an itinerant entertainer.
(3) If the star meets Chang or Qu, the one will be outstanding in show or in technique.

8. Friends 
The ideas of friends are different with the idea of society. The one has many friends and many troubles.

9. Career

 Suitable for the job in variation and suitable for military service but not civil service
10. Property 
(1) Success or failure in real property
(2) Has a chance to move house in certain time.

11. Happiness 
Work hard with labor and mind.

12. Parents 
 The parents have totally different concepts in everything. The one can develop his business if away from native place.

III Logic 
1. Over subjectiveness will deny other’s opinions; less subjectiveness will make the one having no definite view. The one always make up enemies carelessly. When the one is lucky, people will bear his behavior; yet when the one is unlucky, he will be hit back by other people. Personality will influence fate. The acquired restraint can help the one to correct bad customs.

2.The one is acrimonious by accident and is regarded as ruthlessness. It is not easy for the one to get admiration from other people.

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