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The Power Star (Qi Sha)

The representative of this star is Huang Fei Hu. He is the god of fight and handles power and fierce. He is impetuous and always in danger of something. His face is square and long, his height is high and body health is good. He doesn’t like to be restricted by others. And the anger and happiness for him can be identified easily.

Star Name

Dou Fen

Five Element




Chi Sha

South Six

Fire Mental


Jiang Star

Focus on slaughter. Yet it will become power only when combining with Zi Wei

I Characteristics of the Star
1.Figure and Temper
(1)Figure Long and squire face, high height, strong body, short-tempered, likes to compete with others, possessing independent spirit
(2) Temper
Likes to adventure, rebels many things, straightforward, impatient, display unpredictable temper easily.

(1)Turning point 
 1. It is easy to change the situation and damage the original aspect
 2. The habit of fine start and poor finish

(2) Loneness 
Noteworthy conduct and independent character 
(3) For female 
It is not good for female, especially if the female wants to procreate. 
(4)Xing Hua
 1.Lucky Star: Like to sit lonely and it is not necessary for it to have lucky stars.
 2. Sha Star 
  . It can suppress the Sha Star, yet it needs time and efforts to conquer. 
  . Be careful to commit a crime. 
 The luck for this star is not very well.
Have good luck in career. 

II Explanation of the Palace
(1)Unsteady emotion, needs to be educated. 
(2) Good at managing money.
(3) The probability of big change is high.
(4) Suitable for soldier, police or military officer

The affinity among the brothers is less.

3. Marriage
 .Personality: the spouse is indomitable and has rigid mind 

 . Mixed marriages 
  Has the possibility to marry with foreigner
(2) For male
 Has a wife with strong particularity. She is responsible for things and is dependable. 
(3) For female
 Has a husband with success career.  
(1)Pay attention to miscarriage, abortion or children of defects 

(2)Children are active 
(3) If Chi Sha is in this palace lonely, there are three children for the one.

5. Wealth  
 (1) Manage money 

 Good at managing money.  
 . Easy to earn money but cannot keep it. 
 .Exists with Lu Cun, Tian Ma, the one can be rich.  
(3) Variation 
 . Even the one has the chance to be a rich person, yet if he meets the year of bad luck, he might have great loss.  
 . When Six Sha or Huz Ji appears, the one must be careful and do not go into trade 
 . When Lu Ma appears, the one earns money fast. 

 (1) It is easy for the one getting hurts while in childhood.
(1) Always rush about on business outside.

8. Friends 
(1) Friends cannot help him.
(2) Friends always have violent temple and always bring him troubles.

9. Career
(1) The change between success and failure for him is great. 

10. Property
(1) In old age, he might be rich if no Sha star affected him.  

11. Happiness (Master) 

(1) The variable chance for female will be great if there is no lucky star in this palace.
The fate of tearing himself away from his native place. There must be one or two of his parents with bad temper.

III Logic
1. Si Hua
Tian Fu:  No Si Hua 
Tian Xiang:  Assist emperor star and does not provided any opinions. 
Chi Sha: A warrior that gives no thought to life and death. Happiness and power are regarded as external things. 
Chang Qu: There is only Ji and with no happiness (Lu) 
2.When the Chi Sha gets into life palace, all the stars might be influenced and have bad luck. The reason is that the one is capricious and not good at managing money, blundering in attending to business, easy to lose one's head.
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