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◆  When will my love partner show up?        ◆  How rich will I be in my life?        ◆  When will I have my own house?        ◆  How many children will I have?        ◆  散户有财运但无财库        
The Twelve Palaces

The Zi Wei Dou Shu divides human life into twelve palaces which contains Life Palace, Brother Palace, Marriage Palace, Children Palace, Wealth Palace, Health Palace, Travel Palace, Friends Palace, Career Palace, Property Palace, Happiness Palace and Parents Palace. Below are the definitions for the twelve palaces.


Life Palace

This is the most important palace. It is the innate luck for the questioner. When we study and discuss the chart, the life palace is the basis and others are auxiliary. With travel palace, career palace, wealth palace and happiness palace, people can understand the fate throughout his/her life.


Brother Palace       

It can help people to understand the brothers and sisters of the questioner, the relation between brothers and the questioner.


Marriage Palace     

Early marriage or late marriage, which one is better? How about the marriage life? It can be understood from the stars in this palace.


Children Palace      

How about the situation of the children? How many child that you will have? All of these can be understood from the stars in this palace.


Wealth Palace

The fate of wealth, suitable job can be understood from the stars in this palace.


Health Palace 

As to the body, if it is healthy? if there is any organ weak? It can be understood from the stars in this palace.


Travel Palace 

We can understand things about traveling, moving house or tearing oneself away from native place from the stars in this palace.


Friends Palace       

From this palace, we can understand good or bad of human relation, and the relation between the boss and subordinates or the one and the boss.


Career Palace

The one who suits for what kind of job, suits for starting an enterprise or not can be understood from the stars in this palace.


Property Palace      

Whether you can inherit the property from ancestor or how about the residence or the offices can be analyzed from the stars in this palace.


Happiness Palace   

Someone works hard for all the life. Someone can enjoy affluent life. All of these relate to the stars in this palace.


Parents Palace       

The life style in childhood and various conditions of the parents can be understood from the parents palace by matching with life palace and happiness palace.

SUPERFATE - Fortune Teller
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