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Taiwan Feng Shui Master - Grand Master Lin
Master Lin
  Master Lin is a third-generation disciple of the late Master Qianli WEI, personal advisor to the late Madame Mayling Chiang-Soong.
Master Wei and Master Shushan YUAN were ranked as the most eminent Chinese numerologists of the twentieth century. They were called 〝Yuan of South and Wei of North〞. When the Xian Incident broke out in 1936, Madame Chiang sought advice from Master Wei who had accurately predicted the future of the late Generalissimo Chiang. In return, Madame Chiang donated dozens of silver dollars to Master Wei. It was sensational news at that time.

At age 24, Master Wei wrote Wei's Notes on Numerology. In this work, Master Wei carefully calculated the fortune of some Chinese celebrities at that time, including the late Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, the banker Zhiwen Soong, the great scholar Binglin Zhang, the KMT supporter Yueshen Du, and the great Peking opera artist Lanfang Mei. Most importantly, Wei's predictions for these celebrities became reality.

Graduated from National Taiwan University and the MBA/MBI program from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Netherlands, Master Lin has been the Dean of Studies of the Fortune Academy of China, the director of the Society of Taoism Studies, and instructor at Dayeh University. Master Lin is now the CEO of the Superfate Fortune Management Group in Singapore. Master Lin's clients are mostly well-known listed companies throughout China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, United Kingdom and the Philippines, and Master Lin has been invited from Lions Club, Rotary Club, Oracle, ING Securities, Taoist College and others to set up a series of courses or seminars.

Master Lin has provided and is providing services to a host of customers and is a partner of worldwide businesses, including:
America:Oracle/ SAP/ Hewlett-Packard/
Holland:ING Securities/ CISCO SYSTEMS/ Cambridge Technology Partners/ NEWskies Satellites/ ASUS/ Club 3D/ Netherlands Trade & Investment Office
Singapore:Morgan Stanley/ East Lodge Hostel/ First Global Tiger Export/ Jackspeed Aviation/ Jian Huang Group/ Kim Eng Ong Asia Securities/ Lions Club/ Luxury Gift Atelier/ Natural Cool Holdings/ Philips AVENT/ Standard Chartered/ Super Alliances/ Super Steel Group/ talent2/ VinCar
Cambodia:World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce
Taiwan:Mercedes-Benz/ Maga Bank/ HSBC Bank/ OCBC Bank/ Dayeh University/ MOD Chunghwa Telecom/ Taiwan Television Enterprise/ Vibo Telecom/ wifly/ Taiwan Mobile/ Abeam Consulting/ MINISTRY OF CULTURE/ TransAsia Airways/ GOLGSUN GROUP/ Soft-World/ Accton Technology/ LUMAX/ Radium Life/ Central Weather Bureau/ seednet/ Farglory Life/ Rotary International/ 104 Job Bank / Thunder Tiger/ FLOWING/ FAT CAPITAL/ Chinatimes/ Bright Ideas Design/ Academy of Taiwan Strings/ Taipei Chinese Orchestra/ Yingge Ceramics Museum/ RICH JADE/ TECO/ Arttime/ Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers'Association / Chinese Human Resource Management Association/ AdvancedTEK International / 1111 Job Bank / Ganoderma Foundation
SUPERFATE - Fortune Teller
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