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◆ How to prevent losing money?  ◆ When is my romance seasons?  ◆ How to have my lover in hand?  ◆ Get your wealth lucky card!  ◆ Where to find my lover?  

Name Analysis (in Chinese) (Pay Service)
Know a person better by analyzing his/her name. Find out more!
Name analysis Naming service
Methodologies Word explanation
Naming priority Famale & male names

Bu Gua (Pay Service)
Learn about the Eight Diagrams of I-Ching, a system of divination.
Fortune about love Fortune about wealth
Fortune about family Fortune about career
Fortune about relations Fortune about others

Word Analysis (in Chinese) (Pay Service)
Word analysis can help you foresee the future and provide guidance.
Fortune about money Fortune about love
Fortune about career Fortune about family
Fortune about health Fortune about others

JiMenDunJia (Pay Service)
JiMenDunJia can increase your energy in every place.
Position of love Position of main wealth
Position of mentors Position of side wealth
Amazing influence Origin

Palm Reading (Pay Service)
Learn about yourself through life, head, and heart lines.
Diagnosis room Funny area
Palm reading Fingers
Complicated marks Fingerprints

Animal Sign (partial in Chinese)
How lucky are you this year? Better than last year? Check your fortune now!
Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit
Dragon Snake Horse Goat
Monkey Rooster Dog Pig

Our ancestors looked up at night sky and observed the stars of destiny.
Introduction Terminology
Structure What is ZiWeiDouShu?
Your fate of affinity The Twelve Palaces

Feng Shui
Arrange a good Feng Shui of wealth and love for this year!
Feng Shui of love Feng Shui of health
Feng Shui of career Prevent bad luck
Feng Shui of wealth Feng Shui stories

Face Reading (Coming Soon!)
To read a face (physiognomy) through online interactive system.
Hair Nose
Brow Mouth
Eyebrow Eyes

Astrology is full of images and stories. Learn about this complex system.
Astrology lesson 1 Mythology of Sun
Astrology lesson 2 Mythology of Moon
Astrology lesson 3 Mythology of Mercury
SUPERFATE - Fortune Teller
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‧ (双人)爱情全部题目139点
‧ 我的婚姻容易出现第三者吗?
‧ When will I have my own house?
‧ When is my romance seasons?
‧ How rich will I be in my life?
‧ 我的婚姻会幸福吗?
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