◆  When will I have my own house?        ◆  Do I have main or side wealth?        ◆  When is my romance seasons?        ◆  How rich will I be in my life?        ◆  Where to find my lover?        
Fortune telling through word (Chinese character) analysis
There are many ways to analyze words. Being precise and accurate is more important than which method you use to analyze the word.
  Word Analysis of Love?
Where is my love partner? Does he/she really love me? Are we a perfect match? Will he/she shift his/her love?
  Word Analysis of Wealth?
Want to know your luck of wealth? Know if your business runs well? Is it a good time to buy stock?
 Word Analysis of Career?
Want to start your business? When will I be promoted? There are some challenges in my career, what can I do?

Word Analysis of Fate?

Do you have bad luck recently? Want to know your current luck? Tell your fortune by analyzing one word.
  Word Analysis of Study?
How is the results of my exam? I have sent my application forms, will I get the permission?
  Word Analysis of House?
Want to buy or move in a new house? Something wrong in my house, what does it means?
  Word Analysis of Relationship?
Something wrong with my realtionships, what should I do?
  Word Analysis of Children?

Want to know when you will have a baby? Will everything be fine during pregnancy?

 Word Analysis of Health?
Someone is sick for a while, when will he/she get well? Want to know how is the doctor?
  Word Analysis of Searching?
Missing someone beloved? Lost something valuable and want to find it? Reveal your fortune with one word.
 Word Analysis of Lawsuit?
Should you initiate a law suit? Wondering about a law suit? Reveal your luck with only one word.
  About Word Analysis
Word analysis originated from the I-Ching in Chinese history. I-Ching is a kind of graphic, coded prophecy.

You can easily learn word analysis by yourself. Just follow these lessons step-by-step.


Here are are word analysis stories happened in ancient China. Learn from the examples by yourself.

Before you ask your question, please be sincere. Be serious during the word analysis and do not joke around.
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