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Palm lines can reveal what kind of person you are
1. Life line
2. Head line
3. Heart line
These are the major three lines that everyone has.
4. Fate line
5. Apollo line
6. Wealth line
7. Marriage line
8. Casual line
9. Girdle of Venus
10. Influence line
11. Health line
12. Traveling line
13. Intuition line
14. High post line
15. Bracelets, etc.

If your Life line surrounds the Mount of Venus and reaches the Mount of Moon, then you travel often and are a bit fragile. If the Head line is long, you are very organized. If the Head line is short, then you are a decisive person.

What the Mounts of your palm reveal
On your palm are areas known as Mounts. Normally there are eight Mounts, plus the corresponding fingertips, each one with a different meaning. In general, the bigger the Mount or the more distinct the color, the stronger your character.

What your palm traits reveal
If your palm lines are very thin, it means you are agile and observant. You are very aware of your appearance and attracted to beautiful things. If your palm lines are dense or complicated, it means you are very active. Even you are in a difficult situation, you can overcome it.
If your hand is firm, you are stronger than others, and you think wealth is more important than fame. If your hand is soft, you are high-minded and value peace. Your thoughts are more gentle and very creative.

If your hand is thick, you are more self-centered, and you don't have much empathy. If your hand is thin, you easilty put yourself in other people's shoes. You also know how to respect others and are high-minded.
Do you want to know more about yourself? Visit the Palm Reading section!

If your Heart line is short, you are calm and composed. The longer it is, the stronger your love would be. However, you may also be prone to jealousy. People with the Fate line go for their goals. Come and learn more!
 Palm reading
Palm marks reveal what kind of person you are. 1. Life line 2. Head line 3. Heart line
These are the three major lines that everyone has.
 Complicated marks
What does each mark mean? We explain what the different marks represent.
 Funny area
What's that funny area on your hand? What is the royal palm? What is the palm of a good husband or wife? Are you focused only on money? We share with you all the fun!
The thumb represents your health, intelligence and personality. The forefinger and little finger represent your luck and social skills. Fingernails represent your health, character and wisdom.
Hand marks never change through your life. Each knuckle mark represents health, wisdom and personality, etc.
 The shape of hand
There are six types of hand: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, and Combination. Different hands reflect sadness and happiness at each stage of life.
§ 五行的手部保养
命中缺木—手部保养 命中缺水—手部保养 命中缺火--手部保养
命中缺金—手部保养 美手按摩与美指运动 手指甲保养
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