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Our ancestors looked up at night sky and observed the stars of destiny.
§ Introduction
Introduction Terminology Structure of Zi Wei Dou Shu
What is Zi Wei Dou Shu? Know your fate of affinity? Fate of affinity for woman
Fate of affinity for man
§ Horoscope
The Twelve Palaces Life Palace Parents Palace
Brother Palace Marriage Palace Children Palace
Wealth Palace Health Palace Travel Palace
Friends Palace Career Palace Property Palace
Happiness Palace
§ Stars of 108
Ancient Chinese zodiac 108 stars The Emperor Star (Zi Wei)
The Treasury Star (Tian Fu) The Mercy Star (Tian Ji) The Lucky Star (Tian Tong)
The Blessing Star (Tian Liang) The Minister Star (Tian Shang) The Sun (Tai Yang)
The Moon (Tai Yin) The Finance Star (Wu Qu) The Gloomy Star (Jue Meng)
The Flirting Star (Tan Lang) The Wicked Star (Lian Zheng) The Ruinous Star (Po Jun)
The Power Star (Qi Sha) Yin-Yang & Five elements
§ Stories
A tyrant of yearning for a pretty goddess Da-Ji and meatball Emperor Star (Zi Wei)
Mercy Star (Tian Ji) Sun (Tai Yang) Finance Star (Wu Qu)
Lucky Star (Tian Tong) Wicked Star (Lian Zhen) Treasury Star (Tian Fu)
Moon (Tai Yin) Flirting Star (Tan Lang) Gloomy Star (Ju Men)
Minister Star (Tian Xiang) Blessing Star (Tian Liang) Power Star (Chi Sha)
Ruinous Star (Po Jun)
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