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Happiness Palace

It is used to observe the length of live and life fun.


As to the relation between Happiness palace and fourteen stars, no matter good stars or bad stars, when the score of the star is a plus sign, then the one must live to sixty years old. If Lucky Star and Blessing Star locate at this palace, then the one can live to sixty years old even if the score of the star is a minus sign.


The stars with more life fun include Emperor Star (Zi Wei), Sun (Tai Yang), Lucky Star (Tian Tong), Treasure Star (Tian Fu), Moon (Tai Yin), Minister Star (Tian Xiang) and Blessing Star (Tian Liang).


The stars with less life fun include Mercy Star (Tian Ji), Finance Star (Wu Qu), Wicked Star (Lian Chen), Flirting Star (Tan Lang), Gloomy Star (Ju Men), Power Star (Chi-Sha), and Ruinous Star (Po Jun).

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