◆  What industries are the most suitable for me?        ◆  How to save my love or romance?        ◆  如果您投资时常亏损        ◆  When is my romance seasons?        ◆  Should I quit my job?        
Astrology is full of images and stories. Learn about this complex system.
§ Introduction
Astrology Lesson 1 Astrology Lesson 2 Astrology Lesson 3
§ Myths
Planet mythology - Sun Planet mythology - Moon Planet mythology - Mercury
Planet mythology - Venus Planet mythology - Mars Planet mythology - Jupiter
Planet mythology - Saturn Planet mythology - Uranus Planet mythology - Neptune
Planet mythology - Pluto Constellation Myth - Ares Constellation Myth - Taurus
Constellation Myth - Gemini Constellation Myth - Cancer Constellation Myth - Leo
Constellation Myth - Virgo Constellation Myth - Libra Constellation Myth - Scorpion
Constellation Myth - Sagittarius Constellation Myth - Capricorn Constellation Myth - Aquarius
Constellation Myth - Pisces Star Myths - the combination of astrology and mythology Star myths - twelve constellations system
Star myths - The great ten planets system Star myths - Conclusion
§ Chart analysis
Introduction Analysis of a solo-star system Analysis of a bi-star system
Analysis of a tri-star system Analysis of a five-star system Analysis of a seven-star system
§ Make your DIY report
Introduction Case Study 1 Case Study 2
Case Study 3
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