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Star myths - The great ten planets system

Mapping the planets with perfect myths was a pioneering work of Greek. The Rome developed the stories excessively. They used the name of the Gods to be the names of the planets. For example, the God of the Heaven, Zeus was replaced by Jupiter in the era of Rome. Jupiter was the name of the Planet Jupiter. The other nine planets (including the Moon) were named with the same way. That’s to say, in the time of Rome, people apotheosized the planets successfully. Each planet represented one God. People worshiped the specific planet always worshiped the God. Both two are closely and cannot be divided.


The myths of the planet are more conscientious and careful than the myths of the constellations. The Gods have completed characters and the mappings in the astrology are intense. For example, the Planet Jupiter mapped to Zeus. Zeus handled the whole heaven and was the leader of all gods in Greek myths. Meanwhile he had great authority and power. The Planet Jupiter is the greatest planet in the great nine planets (except the Sun). In astrology, the Planet Jupiter relates to expansion and luck. It maps with the nature of Zeus. The planet Mars mapped to the warrior, Aries. That is a god handled war and destruction. In astrology, Mars symbolized fire disaster, death and conflicts. We can say that the mythology and astrology have great consistency in this part. Even the Planet Pluto found in modern age is still the same. The Pluto symbolized death, welfare and heritage. It mapped to Hades who handled the death of the Hell and all the treasures


For the relational myths of the planets, please refer to the series of Planet mythology.

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