◆  What is the age difference of my wife?        ◆  Which years of exceptional good luck in wealth will I have in my life?        ◆  When will I get married?        ◆  What achievements will I have in my career?        
Tarot is a major branch of Western fortune telling.
Learn about its mysterious origins.
§ Introduction
Introduction of Tarot The principle of prediction The origin and development of the Tarot History
The four elements in Tarot The whole structure of Tarot Tarot Spreads
The contrary position of the cards in Tarot The operation theory of the Tarot The introduction of the explaining skills of Tarot
The combination of Tarot cards and the life number The introduction of Tarot What do you want to get from Tarot?
The structure of the Major Cards The structure of the Minor Cards Cut
The meaning of the Major Arcana The Guide for choosing card for the beginner Significator Card
The algorithm for character, soul and prediction year The structure of Court Card The practice and function of the Tarot Diary
The mental construction of the Tarot divination Five routes to explain the cards The process of divination
§ Combinations
Falling in love with the first sight Alternative spreads The simple and easy human relation spreads
The four elements spreads Angelas Spreads Body, mind and spirit spreads
The flow of the time spreads Week/Month/Year calendar spreads Celtic Cross Spreads
Emotions Spreads New Alternative Spreads New Condition Spreads
§ Cards
0:The fool 1: The magician The High Priestess
3:The Empress 4:The emperor 5:The Pope
6:The lover 7:The chariot 8:The power
9:The hermit The wheel of fortune 11: Justice
12:The Hanged Man 13: Death 14:Temperance
15:The devil 16:The tower 17:The star
18:The Moon 19:The Sun 20:Judgement
21:The world Ace of Wands Two of wands
Three of wands Four of wands Five of wands
Six of wands Seven of wands Eight of wands
Nine of wands Ten of wands King of Wands
Queen of wands Knight of wands
Ace of swords Two of swords Three of swords
Four of swords The five of swords The six of swords
Seven of swords Eight of swords The nine of swords
Ten of swords The king of swords The queen of swords
The knight of swords Page of swords Ace of cups
Cups of two The three of cups Four of cups
The five of cups The six of cups Cups of seven
Cups of eight Cups of nine Cups of ten
King of cups The queen of cups Knight of Cups
Page of cups Ace of pentacles Two of pentacles
Three of pentacles Four of pentacles Five of pentacles
Six of pentacles Seven of pentacles Eight of pentacles
Nine of pentacles Ten of pentacles King of pentacles
Queen of Pentacles Page of pentacles Knight of pentacles
§ Stories
The myth of origin of tarot The Judaism origin of tarot The Italian origin of tarot
The Gypsy origin of tarot The Egyptian origin of tarot The Chinese origin of tarot
The Indian origin of tarot The legend of stars The legend of hanged man
The lagend of tower
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