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Astrology Lesson 3

The stepping-stone of astrology (12 constellations)


We can say that the western astrology goes around the twelve constellations. When people divided the zodiac into twelve sections, the twelve constellations and twelve phases were shaped at that time. The characteristics of both two complement each other. When you know the introduction and principle of the twelve constellations, it will be easy to understand the theory of the twelve phases. Even, the changes of the energy of a planet and the twelve constellations are closely linked. So, most of us own the keys to decode the astrology. But most of us do not know it. Therefore, people always move around the garden of the twelve constellations. Actually, it only needs one step, and then they can get into the world of astrology deeply.


Surely, the first thing we have to do is to know the characteristics of twelve constellations. Above all, the twelve constellations can be divided into the arrangement of Yin-Yang, four quadrant and Triad.


First, let’s talk about Yin-Yang. Yang means enthusiasm and initiative. Yin means calmness and self-restraint. The odd number is Yang and the even number is Yin. In Yang, it can be divided into fire quadrant and wind quadrant. The fire quadrant means enthusiasm and vigorousness. The wind quadrant means deliberation and variation. In Yin, it can be divided into earth quadrant and water quadrant. The earth quadrant means substance and actuality. The water quadrant means sensitivity and emotions. Each quadrant can be divided into the standard, fixed and variation. The standard constellation means development and leadership. The fixed constellation means stability and inheritance. The variation constellation means changes and diversification.


To learn the constellations, you can start from the properties listed above. Yet, you can use more simple diagrams for comprehension. Through continuous description and consideration, the basis of astrology for you would be cultivated deeply. And one day, the basic knowledge of twelve constellation will become the stepping-stone for you to open the gate of astrology.



Characteristic: positive nature, fire quadrant, standard

Guardian Planet: Mars


Diagram: If you have watched the programs of animals, you will find that the ram is one kind of animal which is full of energy. It is quite different from the tame sheep in our imagination. When two rams use their horns on the heads to fight each other, such kind of temper and power are not less than the hunting lion. In addition, the Aries is the first constellation in twelve constellations. It represents the power of creation. It is full of energy of rush just like a goat with a fire in its tail. It rushes forward with stopping and has vitality.



Characteristic: negative nature, earth quadrant, fixed

Guardian Planet: Venus


Diagram: To people, the impression of ox is tame and patient. Taurus is totally the same as this. It just likes an ox which works hard and stands as firm as a rock. Sometimes, it is obstinate. People of such constellation possess the color of materiality. They care about money and the matters of material. Besides, Taurus comes by following the Aries. That means inheritance and carrying on. In the element of earth, it is the purest one. The thought is relative stable. They are obstinate, civil but also love nature. You can trust the things that accomplished by Taurus.



Characteristic: positive nature, wind quadrant

Guardian Planet: Mercury


Diagram: It looks like there are two children in the inner mind. People of such constellation often talk to themselves. They are relatively vivid and animated. Usually they have strong adaptation and are versatile. They can make lots of friend with easy and have quick deliberation. But they are not stable. They always want to do this, and change their minds to do another thing in a short time. They cannot finish one thing from the beginning to the end. Like a boy, he is always vivid and plays a toy in a short time, then he wants to replace it by another one. How similar the constellation and a little boy are! Besides, the Gemini is the third constellation after the Aries and the Taurus. Therefore it symbolizes the diversification of things. They can make friends with many people of different types. The reason is that be a friend of Gemini is very free and easy.



Characteristic: negative nature, water quadrant, standard

Guardian Planet: Moon


Diagram: Like a big crab, people of such constellation have strong appearance and weak mind. They often look like friendly and are full of sympathy. They are careful and moderate when they do something. But they are afraid of people surrounding them frequently. They believe that the one who conquered them always come from the surrounding friends. Therefore, they protect themselves very much. The Cancer is a constellation with leadership. They usually use the stratagem with emotion to treat his subordinates or friends. Yet they do not have good ability to control their temper just like the moon. They always change their minds. And sometimes, the things cannot be controlled by them really.



Characteristic: positive nature, fire quadrant, fixed

Guardian Planet: Sun


Diagram: Like the king of the animals, lion, people of such constellation are born with the manner of the king and they can make other people feel to adore them. They are obliging to take care of the small and weak to reveal their kindness and love. Sometimes, they will be like a big cat and live inactively as if they are the nobles in the middle ages. Their steps of life are slow and their leisure times are elegant. The ones with such constellation are born in the torrid summer. So they possess the enthusiasm and warmth of the sun. When they work, they have explosive forces, yet the vitality is not enough. Just likes a lion, they can run in short distance but they cannot run for hunting captives for a long time.



Characteristic: negative nature, earth quadrant, variation

Guardian Planet: Mercury


Diagram: As the Gemini, Virgo symbolizes children. Yet the Gemini represents little boys; and the Virgo represents little girls. Like a girl will do, people of Virgo sometimes might feel uneasy and need cared by somebody. They don’t like to be alone and they wish to be cared by people. Sometimes they like to tease others, but they do not like to be teased. Besides, they do not nourish hatred and always keep sincerity to get along with other people happily. They believe everything is beautiful. Therefore, they might show their cavil on the things that they mind. They hope to do things perfect and like to be praised.



Characteristic: positive nature, wind quadrant, standard

Guardian Planet: Venus


Diagram: It just likes a vacillating steelyard. The guys of Libra always find their balancing point. So, when they have to make a decision, usually they need a long time to do. They need to make both sides of the steelyard reaching the same weight for balancing. And when they make a decision, it means that the steelyard is balanced. Everything is not allowed to be changed. A decision must be executed from that time. And this is their personalities. They believe that careful thought and measurement will bring the best result. Changing mind after making decisions is inferior to planning the details in advance.



Characteristic: negative nature, water quadrant, fixed

Guardian Planet: Pluto

Diagram: The scorpion always hides in the sand to confuse people and not to find them. Therefore, the Scorpio always gives the impression of shrewdness to common people. But not all the scorpion run out to sting people. Usually they are friendly. Only when they are attacked by somebody, they will fight just for protecting their home. The scorpion has poison pin which will cause death to people. Yet, the pins can also be the materials of medicinal use as a good remedy. The people of such constellation possess the energy to comfort the inner wound of other people. They can feel the mind scars of others. They belong to the type of darkness therapist.



Characteristic: positive nature, fire quadrant, variation

Guardian Planet: Jupiter


iagram: Sagittarius appears in half human and half horse. For the whole life, people of Sagittarius make transformation between human beings and horses. They have high wisdom and intelligence of human beings. Meanwhile, they have the activity and wildness of horse. So, they like to travel and they are happy to learn the wisdom of high level. Sometimes, they will like to make friends with different levels for this can widen their visions. Usually, when they are young, they always have to work very hard. Yet, when they reach certain ages, they will change from moving into quiet. And this makes others feel that they have the wisdoms of going through all the vicissitudes of life. And people will like to talk to them or share their experiences.



Characteristic: negative nature, earth quadrant, standard

Guardian Planet: Saturn


Diagram: The Capricorn is coming from the Greek mythology. His appearance is fish body with goat head. As the goats try hard to climb the mountain, they are assiduous and frugal. They insist their goals firmly and have devotion to their works. When they execute a plan, they will hide their thoughts as if the fishes hide and swim under the water. You cannot know their ideas. And when they reach their goals, they will reveal their decisions. Their endurance is astonishing. They always give the impression of “That is what you want originally” to other people.



Characteristic: positive nature, wind quadrant, fixed

Guardian Planet: Uranus


Diagram: People of Aquarius possess the character of water, icy-cold. People always feel the guys of Aquarius are hard to approach when they do not know Aquarius yet. Just as the vase in your house, you will put into flower and pour some water into the vase, but you are seldom to appreciate it. So the vase is often frigid. The people of Aquarius emphasize on the practicability and prospect. Any knowledge accessing into their head will be thrown away but the quintessence will be kept. They have good ability of absorption and have high wisdom. They can learn things if they are interested very soon. Yet people will think they are boring for they sometimes are too emotionless and solitary.



Characteristic: negative nature, water quadrant, variation

Guardian Planet: Neptune


Diagram: The Pisces means two fishes binding by a rope. One fish is mother fish; the other is child fish. People of Pisces often stand at contradiction. Sometimes they will sacrifice for others just like a mother and are happy to be good to others. Yet in another way, the character of child fish needs to be satisfied. Therefore they would, like a child, need to be taken care and need friends to play with them anywhere. Due to such conditions of playing outside and staying at home, they frequently show their melancholy. This is the last constellation in the twelve constellations. So they treated their friends and relatives with magnanimous way. They can forgive all the faults and have sympathy considerably.

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