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Constellation Myth - Capricorn

The story of Capricornus has relation to the shepherd


It was said that Pan was good at playing fife. One time, he played the fife for the gods on the side of a river. The splendid music attracted a terrible monster coming to listen. The sudden guest frightened all the gods and they fled in panic. Pan recovered to his original form of goat and ran away too. All the gods and Pan jumped into the river for changing their figures into fish just for fleeing. In time of crisis, Pan did not choose a good place in the water which resulted half of his body not dipping in the water. As a result, he became a creature of half-goat and half-fish. And then, Zeus made him to be the constellation with such strange figure.


From the story we can know, the figure of Pan was caused by improper environment for he did not choose well. So, the meaning of this constellation to human beings is - immersing in personal affairs but not caring of the surroundings. The nature of the music that fife represented was the character of Capricornus. But, the music belongs to the heaven, therefore it represents classical music with profundity but not popular music.

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