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Planet mythology - Mercury

From the ancient time, Mercury was regarded as a wise and ingenious star, regardless of Eastern or Western culture. This is a common viewpoint. The original image of the Mercury is Greek Hermes. Yet on the age of Rome, the name was replaced by Mercury.


Hermes was the child of Zeus and Maia, the forest goddess. He was naughty when he was born. He stole the ox belonging to his brother, Apollo but no one knew how it happened. Later, even he stole Zeus’s lightness magically. Zeus did not have any means to face such naughty behavior. And people gave a name of magical chief just for his skill.


When Hermes grew up, he was named as god of messenger by Zeus due to his cleverness. He helped to deliver the message among the heaven. It was said that Hermes got a stick with double-snakehead magically for a time. That stick can cure any diseases and it made Hermes becoming the god of medicine.


Hermes owned the ability to deliver messages. His motion is as quick as wind and his thought is faster than any one in the world. Therefore, merchants worshipped him as god of trade, god of science and god of messenger.

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