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The Lucky Star (Tian Tong)

The representative of Lucky Star is Chou Wen Wang. It is a god of gentleness that handling tameness and coordination. Lucky Star controls good fortune and long life. The personality is nothing to be refused and inactive. The appearance resembles a child. The figure is fat and round. The one is humorous and has good relations with others. He/she does not like to dispute with others.

Star Name

Dou Fen

Five Element




Tian Tong

South Four



good fortune

Using virtue to make people subjugated and solving ambsace

I Characteristics of the Star
1.Figure and Temper
 With baby face, strong figure, appearance with good fortune, double chin, eyes with vitality
(2) Temper
 They are easy to be content. They are humorous and have childishness. They learn too much but are not good at anything. Urgent matter will be done slowly.

 1.Square and round face, plump cheeks, good temper, like literature
(2)Good Fortune
 1. controls good fortune (youth) and long life (aged)
 2. appearing on the happiness palace is the best
 3. appearing on life, career, and marriage palaces is not good.
 In the period of childhood and aged time, the one can have good fortune. But in the period of youth and middle age, the one must work hard.
(3) Distress Restricted

It is not afraid of malignant star, in the contrary, the malignant star can strengthen the one’s creation. 
(4) For female

The female avoids all the stars with the nature of water.
 1. When meeting Hua Quan or Hua Ke, the one will be active and aggressive.
 2. When meeting Hua Lu, the one might be lazy than before, though it brings edible and salary
 3. When meeting Hua Ji, though the one will be busy, yet the one is not afraid of malignant deity. So the one must be an optimist.

II Explanation of the Palace
(1) Like leisurely and carefree life and having the talent of literature.
(2) Makes the shareholder hard to be used to his style

(1) Four to five brothers while in temple
(2) Four or five brothers when Tian Tong and Tai Yin are in the same palace
(3) Two or three brothers when Tian Tong and Tian Liang are in the same palace. Three brothers when Tian Tong and Ju Men are in the same palace without four sha star.

(1) Changeable and frustrated in middle age. The change of the marriage is listed as below:
 .Separation between loved ones in life or death
 . Separation due to the jobs
 . One of them (husband and wife) is sick
 . Failure business
 . Extramarital relations affect the original emotions
(2)For male 
 .Has beautiful wife 
 . Owns wife (in Tian Kui or Tian Yue) with elegant temperament
 . Owns generous wife (Zuo Fu or You Bi)
 . Owns attractive wife (in Wen Chang or Wen Qu)
(3)For female
 . Amiable and beautiful, late marriage will be proper 
 . A target that man seeks.

(1) Clever, independent, naughty
(2) Five sons if in the temple
If Tian Tong and Ju Men starts are in this palace, there are two children for the one; for Tian Tong and Tai Yin, there are five children; for Tian Tong and Tian Liang, there are three children 

5. Wealth
(1) Luck in wealth Earn the money by himself. Focus on fame and ignore benefit.
(2) Lucky fate Good in childhood and aged. Have to work hard in youth and middle aged.
 . Has the chance to get accidental wealth if Hua Lu and Lu Cun exist
 . If Six Sha or Hua Ji added, it means the wealth is coming easily and going easily.

Might have fatness, edema, hernia, rheumatism and other diseases of sap.


 Having good appetite and having chances to eat outside. Having assistance from valued people.

Good human relationships.

(1) Suitable for the job of public office
(2) Like the job of culture, entertainment, service and coordination

(1) Obtaining property from ancestors and increase the wealth by oneself
(2) If there is water near the residence, then it is the best.

Bring good fortune, salary, long life. Considerate and knowing the ways of the world

The parents are amiable and enjoy both happiness and longevity.


III Logic
1. Good fortune: No matter smart or fool, the god might arrange good ways for them. When a new one does not how to carry out, the god will give him good fortune to help him. To skillful people, the good fortune will be withdrawn, and the technique will be increased to supply the shortage of good fortune.

2. Intelligence: Some artists have plenty of spirit life but shortage of substance. It is not easy to have good fortune and intelligence at the same time. Common people have thick happiness, the ingenious people have thin happiness. The intelligent star such as Chang and Qu, it is absolutely not hua-lu.

3.Happiness and disasters: Happiness might hide disasters and disasters must be the dependence of happiness. Do not be arrogant and do bad thing due to having authority, otherwise the disasters might come.

4. Content
Hua Ji means not content to the reality. Happy is he who is content. Then he will not be insulted in lifetime. For the salary, commanding officer, or elders, content still is the suitable for the one facing to these people.
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