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What is Zi Wei Dou Shu?

It is one kind of divination named purple rose fortune telling. It is not only easy to learn, but also it is the most accurate divination. For the beginner, read the information in this website is enough. It is not necessary for the beginner to buy another book. Such way of divination is spread from ancient China.


By the way, this is one way of divination by observing the stars of Minister Star (Tian Siang), Mercy Star (Tian Ji), Sun (Tai Yang), Finance Star (Wu Qu), Lucky Star (Tian Tong), Wicked Star (Lian Chen), Treasury Star (Tian Fu), Moon (Tai Yin), Flirting Star (Tan Lang), Gloomy Star (Ju Men), Minister Star (Tian Xiang), Blessing Star (Tian Liang), Power Star (Qi Sha) and Ruinous Star (Po Jun).

This divination uses the stars distributing on the twelve palaces of life, parent, brother, marriage, children, wealth, health, travel, friends, career, property, and happiness. According to the stars in the palace, the diviner can judge the fate of that one, can know what is good and what is bad.


For example, if your spouse has Sun or Moon in the marriage palace, then you will have successful marriage and can live happily forever.


People in modern age can live in luxurious villas. That means he must have lucky star(s) in his/her property palace. If not, the one might not have good fate to the house. Some millionaire has good house but lives unhappily. As to this point, hypocrite or religionist always likes to say “money is not fortunate”. In fact, such words are nonsense, for the fortune and luck are separate originally.


Anyway, such millionaire has much money by is not happy. The reason must be that there is a bad star in his property palace. In the contrary, if there is a bad star in wealth palace but a lucky star in happiness palace, the one must live happily forever even if he/she is poor. Such complicating human life can be explained and analyzed by this divination.


People in ancient time liked to look up to the astronomical phenomena. They cherished the memory of ancient heroes and connected the stars with the heroes to make imagination as possible as they could.


They thought when some stars neared to the earth, good things always happened. So they thought the stars must be one of the great heroes in ancient time.


Everyone knows the astrology coming from stars. And the stars had great relations to the heroes in legend. The heroes that had relations with the stars in ancient China, almost were the heroes in the end of Yin-Shang and the beginning of Chou dynasty. Therefore, the divination composed by dream and mysterious events will be explained in this divination, Zi Wei Dou Shu.

SUPERFATE - Fortune Teller
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