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The Emperor Star (Zi Wei)

The representative of this star is the son of Chou Wen Wang, Bo Yi. It is an honored star. The figure is heavy, strong and fat. The one is honest, modest, polite and frank. In addition, the one is pretentious and easy to be affected by the words from other people. The one is capricious, suspicious, narrow-minded, and easy to act impetuously. The star means authority and haughtiness.


Star Name

Dou Fen

Five Element




Zi Wei

North South




Officials. Solve the distress and prolong one's life

I Characteristics of the Star
1. Figure 
(1) The figure is heavy, strong and fate. The appearance is purple and yellow.
(2) The one is experienced, modest and polite. He is smart but cannot insist personal idea firmly. He has no insistence but likes to dominate everything.

(1) Restrict and reconcile, solve the distress
  1. Restrict and reconcile: It can reduce the influence of the Sha stars.
  2. Solve the distress: It can solve the distress of bad things. It can increase good lucky to change the disadvantageous matters.
(2) Toleration: It can solve the distress for the things that you wish not to meet.

II Explanation of the Palace
1. Life
(1)  The one has special skill or potential.
(2) The possibility of the miscarriage or dystocia for the one is greater then other people.

2. Brothers 
(1)  The one has elder brother.
(2) When the star meets Tian Fu, the one will have three to four brothers.

3. Marriage
(1) The one’s wife is virtuous and has the sense of responsibility.
(2) When the star meets Tian Xiang, it means the one with his spouse will live happily.
(3)When the star meets Tan Lang, it means the marriage might have obstacles.

4. Children 
(1) The one will have a daughter first and then get a son.

5. Wealth 
(1) The range of the wealth is big and wide for the one, such as stocks, houses and lands. 
(4)The one can get assistance from other people, such as parents, brothers and friends. 
(5)The one is elegant in dress even if he fails in business.  

6. Health   
Pay attention to hypertension in old age.

7. Travel 
It will be good for the one to go outside. It is suitable for the one to go abroad for business (or trade). Yet if it is in the same palace with Po Jun or six Sha stars, then the one would be envied by villains easily.

8. Friends  
In human relation, the friends of the one are good and have high positions.

9. Career (The master of the palace)(belongs to earth) 
(1) The one can have smooth business in his whole life.
(2) When the star meets Chi Sha in the same palace, it means the one can be a government officials or the greatest person in a faction.
(3) The one can do the job as scholar, engineer, teachers, public servant, or boss for some enterprise.

10. Property
 (1)  The fortune for this star is easy to go and easy to come. The one has the ability of managing money. It does not mean the one can get large property.
(2) The house is located in high class area. The house is in all buildings and great mansions. Or the house is in a place which is higher than other places.
(3) It the star meets Tian Xiang with lucky star, it means great fortune.
(4) It the star meets Po Jun or Tan Lang star, it means the residence nearby is bustling.

11. Happiness
(1) The one can get help from important person, especially from elders or people with high level.
(2) The one is enthusiastic about public welfare, yet his inner world is vacant.
(3) It would be better for the star meets Tian Fu, Tian Xiang or Tian Ji in the same palace. It is troublesome if the star meets Po Jun or six Sha stars in the same palace.
12. Parents 

(1) The one has rich life in childhood and his parents can be in high positions in jobs. The affinity between the one and his father is insipid and solemn. The children will feel the force of constraint from his parent.
(2) When the star meets Tian Fu, Tian Xiang, or Tan Lang, it means that his parents can have long life.
(3) When the star meets Po Jun or six Sha stars in the same palace, it means punishment and malignity.

III Logic
1. Eternity: The light of the Dipper is not apparent, yet it is eternal and immobile. It always takes the lost away from dangerous place. Even, the comet has strong light, yet it can only get a blink of praise.

2. Modesty: From ancient time, people who boasted shooting will die in shooting; boasted in swimming will die in swimming. The bamboo is praised in modesty though it is hollow.

3. Haughtiness: Zi Wei is an emperor star. If the one is too presumptuous and considers himself to be an emperor, his happiness and luck cannot be lasting. People should have high and valued wish, lay the basis for future relationship and enjoy the lowest happiness and fortune. This is the best way for that one.

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