◆  Is there any bequest leaving for me?        ◆  How many children will I have?        ◆  Which years of exceptional good luck in wealth will I have in my life?        ◆  What kind of rich will I be?        ◆  When is my romance seasons?        
Emperor Star (Zi Wei)

The son of Wen-Wang, Bo-Yi became a rabbit and disappeared in the grass. Yet his soul was brought by Venus to the heaven and lived in the world of stars.


Bo-Yi became the first victim that Jiu-Tian-Suan-Nv swore to destroy Yin-Shang Dynasty. He was bestowed to handle nobleness and lived in a star full of purple roses.


This star was named “The star of Zi-Wei” for the purple roses bloomed everywhere. Chinese put this star in the front of all the stars in horoscopy, named Zi-Wei Dou Shu. That is, using the meaning of “Do”, measurement and the meaning of “Shu”, destiny to measure the destiny of human beings that based on the divination of Zi-Wei star.


The star that Bo-Yi lived was called “The star of Zi-Wei”. In the divination, it has the meaning of esteemed greatness and stands for kindness and nobleness.


Wen-Wang, after coming back to his fief, swore to the sky to revenge his son, Bo-yi. He did many good things and remembered this lesson to build his strong country. It’s a pity that he died before he reached his goal. Hence, the responsibility was taken by his second son – Wu-Wang, the brother of Bo-Yi. And finally, Yin-Shang Dynasty was exterminated by Wu-Wang.


Wu-Wang inherited the unfulfilled wish of Wen-Wang. He trained his military everyday and engaged in farming. So, his country became stronger day by day. Later, he got the help from his military counselor, named Jiang-Shang.


As a result, Yin-Shang Dynasty became extinct. King of Wu succeeded to the throne. The world got into Chou Dynasty. The reason that Wu-Wang could conquer Chou-Wang was that he got the assistance of Jiang-Shang, the military counselor.

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