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The Sun (Tai Yang)

The representative of Sun is Bi Gan loyal courtier of Zhou Wang. He handles light and philanthropy. This god is efficient in both brainy and brawny activities. Round face and strong physique are the features of the god. He is honest, outspoken, easy to be angry, and likes to dispute. The one works positively and loves diplomatic society and makes friends with people.


Star Name

Dou Fen

Five Element




Tai Yang

South North




The base of the officer, father and husband


I Characteristics of the Star 
1. Figure and Temper 
(1) Figure
 Appearances with dignity, round face, bad eyesight requiring to put on glasses 
(2) Temper  
  Philanthropy, enthusiasm, voluntariness 
  .Lips .nose .ear .belly . Buttock , are thick. It means the one is large-minded. 

2. Characters 
(1) Personality 
  1. Kindliness in nature, born in day time will have good appearance; born in night will be smart and honest 
  2. utspoken, likes to join activity, likes to make friends
(2) For a woman 
   The behavior of a woman will be similar to the deed of a man. The woman is chaste and undefiled and it will be better for her to marry at a late age
(3)Shi Chen 
  With the different Shi Chen of the birth, everything will be changed.
  When the star meets with San Tai, Ba Zuo, En Guang, Tian Gui or Liu Ji in the same palace, it means honor or special treatment.
  .Hua Ji: it is uncertain for the one to have nearsightedness, yet the one likes to put on glasses. 
  . Hua Quan: the one might have color blindness. 
  . Hua Lu: the one might have astigmatism. 
  1.Whent Sun sits in life palace, it means harms to masculine of near relations 
  2. The harm degree has relation to the palace and other stars that this star meets.
 (7)Si Hui 
  1.It is good for the one that was born in daytime and in Spring and Summer. If someone was born in night and in winter, we called it Shi Hui. 
   .Career: achieve both fame and wealth first and then fall into disrepute, the one must take care of lawsuit
   .Body health: if the star meets Yang Tuo in the condition of Si Hur, it means the one might have harm in body; if the star meets Huo Ling, the one might be hurt by fire.

II Explanation of the Palace 
1. Life 
(1)  Harm to masculine of near relations 
(2) The woman might complain or might be fastidious to her spouse. The suitable job for the woman is study, joining examination, literature and art, and public service.
(3) The one will be easy to suffer from eyes disease, neurasthenia, heart disease, blood vessels disease and diabetes.

2. Brothers 
(1)  Though the one has many brothers, yet they purchase houses separately.
(3) If the star sits in the palace singly, it means the one has three brothers. If the star meets Tai Yin in the palace, it means the one has five brothers. If the start meets Ju Men, then the one has three brothers.

3. Marriage 
(1) For a woman:
  . Her husband is admired by many people.
  . Her husband can seek single target such as study or technology for the whole life.
(2) For a man: 
  . His wife can bear hardships and hard work.
  .The man might treat his wife with dull, selfish and faint attitude. If the man can be content with dull life, he and his wife can grow old together.
4. Children

 If the star meets lucky star such as San Tai, Ba Zuo, Zuo You, Kui Yue, Lu Cun, the children will have high accomplishements.
5. Wealth 
(1)The one works hard for money. Yet the money will be gone quickly. If the star meets Jie Kong, Di Kong, Di Jie, then the one might not have any money.  
(3)Except the star is in the same palace with Tian Liang, otherwise the one must earn money with his effort. 

6. Health 
(1)Yang fire, focus on the fire of the heart, prosperous irascibility, suffering with hemorrhoids 
(2) Hypertension, cerebral haemorrhage 

7. Travel  It will be good for the one to go far away from home for having development.

8. Friends 

Friends will help the one in many ways. The one is hospitable and good at communication.

9. Career  

 The one does not concentrate his energy in certain career. He likes a job of complication. It is proper for the one to do the job of diplomacy, trade or travel that needs to face different customers everyday.

10. Property

 The one must live in tall buildings or near tall buildings or near protruded things.

11. Happiness  

The one can get help from many important and valued people. His life is full of vigor. The woman can help her husband succeeded.

12. Parents

 The parents are kind and have long lives with good fames. If Shi Hui, Sha star or Gua Su in the palace, it means the father of the one will die early.

III Logic

1. In the broken morning, the sun hides unlimited essence.

2. Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. Keeping away from the prosperous period can prevent failure. When the sun rises, it is the best position for the sun. The sunlight at noon is too vigorous. In the circle of show business, the one might be popular and unpopular soon.

4.Hiding the talent and ability is the prelude of success. The one must brew his energy and take the frustration as a test. He should conserve energy and build up strength for using in the future.

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