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Gloomy Star (Ju Men)

Ma Chian-Jin was a shrew. After she married Jiang-Shang, she often complained everything and shouted with abuse to her husband. However, she was unwilling to do anything for him. And they lived in such ways till she was sixty-eight years old. She did not know review herself but asked to divorce with the reason of unable to stand such life.


After divorced, Jiang-Shang met Wen-Wang not for a long time and became his military counselor. Ma Chian-Jin knew such news and regretted having done the past things. Later, she suicided by hanging.


If you carefully observe the people in your side, it is not hard to find out the one similar to Ma Chian-Jin. Such kind of women will use unkindness way to treat their husband or husband’s jobs. They think they are experts and like to interfere. By the way, after the Ma Chian-Jin suicided, her soul was taken by Venus to the heaven. She became PoPo god that controlled sowing discord and liked to poke people’s nose into other people's business.


Because Ma Chian-Jin has the habit of knocking doorpost if she encountered undesirable things, so Venus placed her in the star of Glommy (Ju Men). This star has a big gate like a decorated archway. And the house is built with the meaning of opening mouth to complain.

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