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Sun (Tai Yang)

Though Chou-Wang was a tyrant, yet there were many loyal officials around him. In which, there was one man on the scroll of fame called Bi-Gan. When Chou-Wang denoted his life on Da-Ji and did not process/manage the internal affairs, Bi-Gan always criticized his faults frankly. Yet Bi-Gan’s sincere advice did not have any effect to the perverse Chou-Wang. Chou-Wang did not listen to his advice. In the contrary, he doubted Bi-Gan as a treacherous court official. Bi-Gan said “if Your Majesty cannot trust me, I can take my heart to let you check”.


After finished the words, Bi-Gan cut off his chest and took the bloody heart in the front of Chou-Wang. Though Bi-Gan was a loyal courtier, yet he still died for his heart taking away. Venus was moved by his virtue and patriotism, so he placed his soul on the star of Sun and let him handle the lightness in the universe.


Bo-Yi, Chiang-Shang, Bi-Gan and several people were bestowed as deities. As to their masters, Wen-Wang and Wu-Wang, what happened to them?

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