◆  Is my wife beautiful?        ◆  What kind of rich will I be?        ◆  When will I have my own house?        ◆  What achievements will I have in my career?        ◆  When will I get married?        
The Minister Star (Tian Shang)

The representative of this star is the loyal courtier of Zhou Wang, Wen grand teacher. He handles the kindness and service. The one is honest and not hypocritical, full of compassion, generous, freedom loving, defending thing against an injustice, like to get acquainted with bigwigs. The woman likes to dress up and make up and is greedy of eating, She smiles always and does not worry about food and clothing for all her life.


Star Name

Dou Fen

Five Element




Tian Xiang

South Five



Officials. Restrict the wickedness of Lian Chen

I Characteristics of the Star
1. Figure and Temper 
(1) Figure 
 Round face and white skin. Has good-natured appearance. 
(2) Temper 
  Honest, kind and credulous. Likes to hear obsequious words and is fastidious about dressing.

2. Character 
(1) Staff members 
The one is cautious in words and deeds, fair in attending to business and obliging. He is the most ideal person to be staff member. 
The star is an assistant star and good at literature. Yet if it does not meet Wen Chang or Zi Wei, then it will not have great conduct. If it meets Wu Qu, then the meaning is “dual personality”.
(3)For woman  
The woman likes to dress up and is fastidious about the food. She has sweet smiles. Yet the star meets Chung Qu, the woman might be the second wife. It the star meets Zuo You, the woman will have stable and peaceful life forever.
When the star is in the life palace, usually the one engages one kind of career from start to finish.
(5) Xing Hua 
 1.Lucky Star 
  . The San He meets lucky star. The one can hold great power.
 2.Sha Xing 
  .It the star meets four Sha stars, the whole life of the one will ripple.
(6) Comparison 
 1.When the star is in life palace: diligence 
 2.When Po Jun star is in life palace: unsettling 
 3. When Chi Sha star is in life palace: difficulty
 4. When Tian Liang is in life palace: anxiety 

II Explanation of the Palace
 The one will insist the principle in everything. He has the talent to solve the problems for others and he has the sense of responsibility.

(1) Love among brothers is deep.
(2)When the star meets Zi Wei, the one will have three to four brothers.
 When the star meets Lian Chen, the one will have two brothers 
 When the star meets six Sha stars, the one will be lonely for the whole life. 


(1) The spouse must be careful in deeds. The spouse loves leisure time at home. He/she is zeal and sincere, has the rationality and toleration.

(1) The children will be honest and love to eat.
(2)When the star appears lonely, the one will have two children.

5. Wealth
  . Has high income and the money can be saved.
  II. The income comes from proper way. 
  Manage the money with careful and cautious mind but not calculating. 
  When Tian Xiang and Lian Chen meet, it means that the one can go into trade.

6. Health  
It handles the disease of bladder and lower part of the body. 
When the star meets Wu Qu and plus four Sha stars, it can prevent being marred by a scar. 
When the star meets Lian Chen and plus Tian Kong & Di Jie, it means hurts in hands and feet. 

 The one is popular. Always there are many people that want to follow him.

(1) The one’s friends emphasize on good food and clothes. Usually they are in the similar age.

9. Career
(1)The one’s career is stable with no change. 
(2)When the star is in the same palace with Wu Qu, the one often has part time work or needs to go outside for a mission.  
(3)The one is suitable to do obtrusive job, or the job that is fastidious about food and clothes. 

10. Property
(1) The one has ancestral property.
(2) It the star meets Wu Qu in this palace, the one can have more than one house. 

11. Happiness
The one emphasizes on substance enjoyment, beautiful dressing and fine food.
When the star meets Zi Wei, it means the one will have happy life. 

12. Parents 

 (1)The one has liberal parents. The parents like to join social activity and are justices in neighbors. 
(2)When the star meets Zuo You, Kui Yue, Chang Qu, then the one might be public officer or gentleman.

III Logic
1. The one looks like standing aloof from worldly success, actually the one lacks of character. Therefore the property of the star is very important. If a woman has Tian Xiang and Chang Chu in the same palace, she must be clever but short life. In addition, the Tain Xiang determines the greatness or shortness of the power according to the degree of others star greeting.

2. There is no fixed lucky star or bad star. It depends on the nature of the star that meets with this star. The first key point is the condition of Tian Xiang, Zi Wei, Wu Qu and Lian Chen. The second key point is in the action of “clip”. One who mixes with vermilion will turn red, one who touches pitch shall be defiled therewith. Many things have relation to do with personal character.

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