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§ Taboos
For best results, please be serious when using word analysis.

Before asking your question, please note:

1. Choose your word with an open mind.

2. Do not ask any question to which you already know the answer.

3. When choosing your word, think of the question you want to ask and pick the word that first appears in your mind.

4. Ask only one question at a time. Avoid phrasing your question with two or more choices. (For example: Should I work abroad or stay in my hometown? The question should be rephrased as: Should I work abroad?)

5. If you are unable to do the word analysis by yourself, ask someone who is close to you to help.

6. Do not ask too many questions at a time, or ask the same question several times.

7. Do not ask more than three questions per day.

8. Do not ask questions regarding illegal or harmful matters.


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