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【Email Service】 Please email to this address: to inform your option and information required (name, gender & birth details). We will reply within 5 days.
【Skype/ line / In Person Service】 Please use Line, WeChat or just call us to make an appointment.
Payment Methods
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Personal or business luck management consultant ...more...

Word analysis ask any one question
Master will advise you on any other questions that you may have in mind.
【Fee】 NT$600 (approx US$18, RMB¥120)    

Bazi current year luck cycle detail analysis: love/ marriage/ wealth/ career/ health
Master will advise you on your current year luck and what to take note base on bazi analysis.
【Fee】Each for NT$1000 (approx US$30, RMB¥200)    
                All for NT$3600 (approx US$108, RMB¥720)    

Bazi ask any one question detail analysis
Master will advise you on any other questions that you may have in mind.
【Fee】NT$1680 (approx US$50, RMB¥336)    

Bazi love/ wealth/ career luck detail analysis
Master will advise on your luck base on bazi analysis.
【Fee】Each for NT$1680 (approx US$, RMB¥336)    

Consult Master in person
【Fee】NT$6000 (approx US$180, RMB¥1200)

Detail Bazi analysis and brief main luck cycles analysis
Interested to know more about yourself and your life main luck cycles based on your bazi? With this report, you are able to better plan your life and achieve your goals.
【Fee】NT$6000 (approx US$180, RMB¥1200)    

Bazi 20 years luck cycle detail analysis
【Fee】Please contact us.    

Bazi marriage date selection
Master will advise suitable marriage dates to select base on bazi analysis.
【Fee】NT$3600 (approx US$108, RMB¥720)

Bazi baby birth date selection
Master will advise good dates for baby birth base on bazi analysis.
【Fee】NT$6000 (approx US$180, RMB¥1200)    

Chinese Name analysis / Change of name / Baby naming
Choose a good name to enhance your bazi luck.
【Fee】NT$3200~24000 (approx US$96~720, RMB¥640~4800)...more...    

Feng Shui consultation in person
【Fee】 SGD$680 for HDB 2~3 bedroom in Singapore,
               SGD$980 for HDB 4~5 bedroom in Singapore,
               SGD$1280 for Condo 1~2 bedroom in Singapore,
               SGD$1880 for Condo 3 bedroom up in Singapore,
               SGD$2880 for Landed property in Singapore,
               SGD$2880 for Office / Commercial shophouse / Factory in Singapore,
               for other place or country please contact us.

Feng Shui consultation through pictures
【Fee】NT$10000 (approx US$300, RMB¥2000)

SUPERFATE - Fortune Teller
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