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Lunar Calendar
【Explanation】Select any specific day and see Chinese Fortune Calendar, including the lunar day, the constellations, and things or activities to do or to avoid. However if you wish to find a day to can help you achieve your target, please refer to Date Selection. The date selection combines many sources to calculate the luckiest date according to the date itself and your time of birth. Its accuracy is definitely no less compare with those masters of date selection in our society. 《Terminology Explanation》

Solar:  2024 / Jun 17 

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Solar Calendar 2024-06-17
Lunar Calendar 2024-05-12
Cycle of 60 Months 庚午 Month
Cycle of 60 Days 壬子 Day
Week Monday
Cycle of 12 Days 破日
5 Kinds of Days 和日
28 Constellations 毕星
Cycle of 9 Stars 七赤
Weak Animal Horse
Bad Direction South
Good Things To Do
Bad Things To Do Do not do anything of importance!
Notes 【Lucky hour】05-07.01-03.15-17【Lucky direction】north【Lucky charm】Light purple.Ox.Rubellite
《Questions & Answers》
《Terminology Explanation》
‧術語解說‧十二建除神 ‧寶義和制伐‧廿八星宿‧紫白九星
‧所沖生肖 ‧所煞方位‧今日吉時‧今日幸運方‧備註
《Explanation for Date Selection》
Engage, make vow and oath Engagement
Adapt good things Present/accept betrothal gifts
Matrimony Marriage ceremony
Marriage Marriage ceremony for a man and woman
Business opening Store opening for business, beginning operation after new year, grand opening ceremony
Trading and opening bill Sign contract, trading and business dealing
Adapt wealth Purchasing house, real estate, merchandise, rent and A/R collection, mortgage, harvest crops and grains.
Tailor clothes Tailoring new bridal clothing
Manicure First manicure for newborn baby
Traveling Traveling, sightseeing, tourism, and surveying overseas
Visiting relatives and friends Give banquet or visit friends and relatives
Delete or remove bad luck Clean, wash house or household items to eliminate and delete bad luck and misfortune
Moving Moving house
New house opening Moving into new house, new house completion
Stabilize the bed Position new bed for marriage, remove old bed and stabilize new bed
Construction and renovation Renovation and construction of building
Ground breaking First shovel of earth or breaking ground for construction
Appreciate land Ceremony after completion of building
Demolish and tear down house Tear down house or fence
Ground breaking Ground breaking for burial purpose
House renovation Fix or build factory
Hang business sign Hang business sign
Build the warehouse Fix or construct warehouse
Public works Fix and pave road
Washroom opening Build washroom
Position main post of house Position crossbeam
Hang flag and sign Position flag post and hang sign
Make offerings Pray to ancestors, gods or temple
Give thanks and pray to gods Pray for blessings from gods, or redeem vow and give thanks
Vegetarian temple fair Set up temple fair and place where rites are held to pray for peace
Light opening Enshrine and worship after completion of altar
Move spirit or memorial tablet Move altar and god to another place
Mold and to paint Paint temple or carving altar and god
Seeking issue and descendant Pray to gods for descendants
Bathing and showering Shower, fast, clean the body
Incubate Wine brewing and sauce making
Consult doctor See doctor, to heal disease, have operation
Animal husbandry Purchase animals, pets
Put on the hairpin Adult ceremony for men and women
Shave the head Shaving head for newborn baby, cut long hair into short style
Plant Plan planets
Employee hiring or adoption Adopt children or accept foster child
Will and grave opening Open will, dig grave

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