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Our Belief

Accompany with the rapidly progressed and advanced technology, enormous amount of resources were consumed and wasted, result with the highly materialized standards being applied to the basic daily necessities of our life, which is the four essential requirements of people: food, clothing, housing and transportation plus entertainment in our daily life. We can see the extremely unbalanced situation between the material life and spiritual and mental life everywhere, as the excess amount of creature comforts and fleshpots cause more and more empty hearts and soul, therefore, the twenty-first century for sure will be the century of heart and soul.

When you are confused and helpless, Superfate is your lighthouse in the darkness, to guide you the right way and direction. When you are depressed and suffered with pain, Superfate is your port and shelter, to eliminate your worries and sadness when you are lost in a huge storm. When you are disheartened and discouraged, Superfate is your fire and warmth in the winter, to once again kindle your hope and wish. Superfate is right besides you to accompany you whenever needed, to stride forward and forge ahead to a broad road of happiness, blessedness and success together with you.

Superfate is invested and established by Super Gold Ventures Limited (registered in British Virgin Islands, BVI company number 1840187), with back up support from the Super Group, Singapore, devoted with extensive amount of man power, money, time and efforts, with connection of the combined essential of wisdom and intelligence contributed by the numerology masters among China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and was generated and formed after countless experiments and painstaking efforts.

Superfate utilizes the artificial intelligence method and model, with merge and integration of the essential from the masters in the Chinese societies all over the world, which we developed and created a very unique and powerful numerology logic engine after continuous and countless trials and experiments, with accommodation of a database of over hundred-million words, which enables consulters to obtain a complete, detail and accurate analysis, to provide the consulters with actual and useful contribution and assistance. Not only able to answer and solve all kinds of confusions and doubts from the consulters, also capable of allowing the consulters to experience the sincere and genuine touching feeling than have the consultation with the masters in person.

In addition, Superfate is not a web-site who treats and takes profit as the top and primary mission and purpose. Therefore, approximately 80% of our content services are provided to the general public with free of costs, with only the remaining 20% of our services are the paid services. A certain portion of our profit is used to maintain the operation of the web-site, and some portion of our profit will be dedicated and donated to the charity organizations as the feedback to the society.

There are three main goals and mission for the establishment of Superfate:

Mission one: Wish to reorganize the wisdom and intelligence from the antiquity and ancients, and to keep and conserve these valuable materials through the digitalized modern information technology.

Mission two: Wish to feedback with long-term financial support and contribution to the needed charity organizations in our society.

Mission three: Wish to help and provide sufficient assistance to the needed general public, not to fall into the traps in their lives or go on the wrong tracks when they are confused, depressed and hesitated during the lows in their lives, so that they are able to walk out of the shadow and haze, and move on again.


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