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Our Services

Superfate is invested and established by Super Gold Ventures Limited (registered in British Virgin Islands, BVI company number 1840187), with back up support from the Super Group, Singapore. We currently offer and provide the following listed services:

Services to the general public:
We provide and offer professional information for numerology, luck opening, health, heart and soul through our web-site, 3G mobile phone, SMS message, PDA (Personal Mobile Data Assistant), Kiosk information station to the general consumers and consulters.

Custom-made/designed services:
We offer and provide personal services to analyze the stream of luck, as well as methods to change the fate and destiny according to your date of birth, combining with Ba Zi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Ji Men Dun Jia, I-Ching, Feng Shui, charm and spell, a personal, custom and tailor made version of numerology information service, which enables you to use and operate it through personal computer and PDA.

Program/Formula development services:
To develop a personal numerology program/formula for you or your enterprise, such as to combine the human resource management system, career planning system, investment decision system or marital and match making system together with the numerology analysis.

Consultation reservation services:
If you have questions regarding numerology, feng-shui, name and luck opening related, which you need a personal consultation service with masters in person, we welcome you to make a reservation in advance. However, our company remains the right to accept and take a reservation or not due to the very limited time offered by the masters.

Speech, seminar and education services:
We offer and provide speech, seminar and education services, and welcome the invitation from the charity organizations, government organizations, general enterprises and institution organizations.


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