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What is my lucky method for exams?
I really want to go back to school, but is it the right time?
Visit the study section right away,
and check your study with Chinese Ba Zi.
My intelligence analysis!
around 98 words
0  points
What majors is the most suitable for my study?
117 138 words
99  points
What location is the most suitable for my study?
123 209 words
49  points
What is my weak point of study?
around 132 words
49  points
What is my highest academic background in life?
around 91 words
49  points
How to improve my school work when my study suffers?
54 391 words
49  points
My special method for exams!
around 123 words
49  points
How to arrange better feng shui for my study?
187 341 words
49  points
What is the most helpful food or diet to improve my study?
around 214 words
9  points
What is the most helpful exercise to improve my study?
149 269 words
49  points


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