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§ Sword Representative - Queen Elizabeth II
Name: Queen Elizabeth II Chinese Sign: Sword
Birthday: 1926/4/21 Star Sign: Taurus
Height: Weight:
Queen Elizabeth II
Your life is represented by the lucky sword, courageous and organized. You can make a fortune with your creativity and justice. You like well-behaved and wise people. With your leadership ability, you can break through any dissatisfying situation.

Your characteristics, subconscious, and behavior modes, according to your fate and destiny, are represented by the sword, not only with soft-white skin, yet bright, attractive with femininity. You are a bit bossy and dominating, but have leadership ability.

You are capable and talented, with a great sense of justice and righteousness, and willing to help others for the sake of justice. Like a sword, you are able to cut through a difficult or unsatisfactory situation and eventually change your fate and destiny. You may hurt yourself carelessly with a double-edged sword if you are too aggressive and pressuring people around you. You may be dominating with your appearance, but have a loving heart to protect the weak with a sense of justice and fairness.

However, a good sword needs to be molded and sharpened, so those that cannot pass the test and process only become scrap iron. Being determined and unafraid of the challenges, not blaming others, and learning and growing are the essential elements to become a respected leader. You like intelligent people with artistic talent and dislike hypocrites. You admire those who are willing to sacrifice and dedicate themselves to others with a sense of justice. As long as you pass the challenge and test, your entire life will be unaffected by any storm or blocked by any obstacle to become a winner.


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