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‧ (测字)全部题目只要29点
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‧ 网友独享8题好康免费算!
‧ 会员独享30题免费算!
‧ (双人)爱情全部题目139点
‧ When is my romance seasons?
‧ How rich will I be in my life?
‧ How many children will I have?
‧ When will I have my own house?
‧ What is the age difference of my wife?
‧ Characteristics of 10 Signs
‧ Charming Men Billboard
‧ Charming Women Billboard
‧ Excellent and Goodly Hubby Billboard
‧ Excellent and Goodly Wife Billboard
‧ Flirty Men Billboard
‧ Social Contact Billboard
‧ The thinking of 10 Signs
‧ How to get promotion for the 10 Signs
‧ The bad guys for the 10 Signs
‧ The key person for the 10 Signs
‧ How busy are the 10 Signs
§ Birth Hour Table §
zao zi shi(0am ~ 1am)
wei shi   (1pm ~ 3pm)
chou shi  (1am ~ 3am) shen shi  (3pm ~ 5pm)
yin shi   (3am ~ 5am) you shi   (5pm ~ 7pm)
mao shi   (5am ~ 7am) xu shi    (7pm ~ 9pm)
chen shi  (7am ~ 9am) hai shi   (9pm ~ 11pm)
si shi    (9am ~ 11am) wan zi shi(11pm ~ 12pm)
wu shi    (11am ~ 1pm)  

There are 10 signs in Chinese horoscope, which affect our destiny:
Sword, Pine, River, Sun, Castle, Diamond, Orchid, Cloud, Star,
Garden. Want to know your sign? Come have your fortune told
through traditional Chinese horoscope-Ba Zi.
Year Mon Day Hr
* Please use the western calendar birthdate, not the lunar date.
* Check birth hour table!
{ Sword }
You can make a fortune with your creativity and justice. You like well-behaved and wise people. With your leadership ability,you can break through..
[Topic] Charming men index 88 points
{ Pine }
It grows with an independent and individual spirit, and shapes and creates shade and shelter for others. Therefore it's not easy for you to accumulate wealth..
[Topic] Good hubby index 90 points
{ River }
You like kind and committed people. You are talented, outstanding, smart, agile, and a quick learner with sharp observation, but execution..
[Topic] Social contact index 88 points
{ Sun }
You are a person of passion and maleners, and like wise and trustworthy people. As a person of sunshine, you are enthusiastic and generous, and also a leader..
[Topic] Charming men index 93 points
{ Castle }
You keep your word and you like kind and determined people. You look like an easy-going person but you are actually quite determined. It's hard to tell..
[Topic] Good wife index 95 points
{ Diamond }
You can make a fortune with your great talent and creativity. You like people who is well-behaved and wise and you also live an elegant life with good taste
[Topic] Flirty index 70 points
{ Orchid }
You are more fragile than you thought. You like courteous, polite people and you like to live a secure and stable life instead of taking adventures..
[Topic] Charming women index 90 points
{ Cloud }
You are somewhat of a perfectionist, and like kind and committed people. You are talented, outstanding, and enjoy literature, art, and other broad..
[Topic] Social contact index 90 points
{ Star }
you are too busy helping others, therefore you can hardly accumulate wealth for yourself. You like wise and trustworthy people. You are smart..
[Topic] Flirty index 75 points
{ Garden }
You keep your word and you like kind and determined people. You look like an easy-going person but you are actually quite determined...
[Topic] Charming women index 93 points


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