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The methods of worshiping Tai Sui

The methods of worshiping Tai Sui

If you want to warship Tai Sui, please prepare one “siang”, three cups of wine, three cups of tea, three pairs of chopsticks, one pair of red candles, one pair of flowers, five fresh fruits, twenty five peanuts, twenty five candies, twenty five red-jujube, and five cakes. In addition, the birthday of Tai Sui is in July, 19 in lunar calendar. If you want to express birthday good wishes, please prepare one “siang”, one pair of red candles, one pair of flowers, birthday noodles, birthday peach, fruits, red eggs and so on. Remember, you must express your appreciation to Tai Sui in Dec. 24 (lunar calendar) every year if you have esteemed Tai Sui..


The words written on the paper for praying

Tai Sui God, the great general, disciple XXX with the age of XX (animal sign is XX) live in XXX. Here, your disciple begs Tai Sui Star blessing and protecting the fate of disciple’s family to be safe and smooth in everything.


Where can you worship Tai Sui?

In general, there is no temple built for Tai Sui. Many great temples provide the service of esteeming Tai Sui. Please refer to the places (temples) that we have found out. Many people get magic effects from the places.



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