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◆ 如果您投资时常亏损  ◆ Which years of exceptional good luck in wealth will I have in my life?  ◆ When will I get married?  ◆ What is the most helpful food or diet to improve my love?  ◆ 亏损不是你的宿命!  
The prophecy, all kinds of superstition & taboos Different kinds of religious taboos
Taboos in language Do's & don'ts
Food & drink taboos Reasons of taboos in religion
The sacrifice & prayer Different types of sacrifice & prayer
What role do sacrifice & prayer play?
Witchcraft,divination & religious ceremony Witchcraft & divination
The character of magic The origin of magic
Kinds of magic What can magic do?
Rapid induction Mass hypnosis
Hypnosis wthout instructions Self hypnosis
There're little chance of winning in gamble The tricky master in gamble
The skilled gambler in mah-jongg The skilled gambler in poker games
Pathological gambling Cheating in playing mah-jongg
Cheating tricks in poker games & dice tossing Cheating tricks in mahjong
Cheating tricks in showhand The cheating device in gambling
Ghosts worship Witch worship
Spirits worship Magic power worship

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‧ 网友独享8题好康免费算!
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‧ (双人)爱情全部题目139点
‧ When is my romance seasons?
‧ How rich will I be in my life?
‧ How many children will I have?
‧ When will I have my own house?
‧ What is the age difference of my wife?

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