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◆ When will my love partner show up?  ◆ Which years of exceptional good luck in wealth will I have in my life?  ◆ When will I get married?  ◆ 亏损不是你的宿命!  ◆ How to attract someone I like?  
The prophecy, all kinds of superstition & taboos Different kinds of religious taboos
Taboos in language Do's & don'ts
Food & drink taboos Reasons of taboos in religion
The sacrifice & prayer Different types of sacrifice & prayer
What role do sacrifice & prayer play?
Witchcraft,divination & religious ceremony Witchcraft & divination
The character of magic The origin of magic
Kinds of magic What can magic do?
Rapid induction Mass hypnosis
Hypnosis wthout instructions Self hypnosis
1 There're little chance of winning in gamble
The tricky master in gamble The skilled gambler in mah-jongg
The skilled gambler in poker games Pathological gambling
Cheating in playing mah-jongg Cheating tricks in poker games & dice tossing
Cheating tricks in mahjong Cheating tricks in showhand
The cheating device in gambling 1
Ghosts worship Witch worship
Spirits worship Magic power worship

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‧ How rich will I be in my life?
‧ 我的婚姻容易出现第三者吗?
‧ How many children will I have?
‧ When will I have my own house?
‧ When is my romance seasons?

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